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Chicago Sights: Harlem Fine Arts Show

Chicago Sights: Harlem Fine Arts Show

Thanks to Country Financial for partnering with the Houseful to spread the awesome word about the Harlem Fine Arts Show

I consider myself a creative, but I am NOT a painter, or a drawer, or sculptor, but I am LOVER of art, and my mind was blown away last year when I had a chance to attend the Harlem Fine Arts Show in Chicago, as a guest of Country Financial. It was an immersion in some of the best art that I’ve seen in a long time. I listed quite a few of my favorites in my blog post from last year, and I LOVED seeing an artist create WHILE we were watching her. Her name is Martha Wade, and one of her pieces really hit me deeply when I had the chance to take it in. Make sure to read down to the end so that you can enter to win a customized pair of Converse shoes decorated by Chicago born artist, Kari Black. 

Harlem Fine Arts Show

Country Financial is once again a sponsor for the show and they are committed to helping folks understand the art of financial literacy. I love their message, and I LOVE helping them share it with my readers. 

This year, the Harlem Fine Arts Show will be taking place at the newly built Malcolm X College. I’m excited to see the inside of the building, and I’m looking forward to being able to celebrate so much goodness in a new space. I’m also excited that this year, the Harlem Fine Arts Show will be honoring African Americans in Medicine, and it’s SO GOOD! 

Honoring African Americans in Medicine

Supporting the theme of this year’s annual multi-city tour, The Power of Creative Arts in Health & Healing, HFAS will recognize the contributions of African Americans  in Medicine selected from various medical institutions in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, in a celebration of “African Americans in Medicine.”

What IS the Harlem Fine Arts Show? 

 The Harlem Fine Arts Show celebrates the African Diaspora by bringing together contemporary artists with the growing class of collectors. The goal of facilitating this coming together is to showcase cultural ideas and raise awareness of this extraordinary body of work created by these international, national and local artists.

The Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS) is the largest traveling African Diasporic art show in the United States. Since its inception in 2009, HFAS has had over 80,000+ visitors, traveled to 10+ cities as well as showcased 100+ artists and galleries.

As the largest traveling African Diasporic art show in the United States, HFAS prides itself on its uncanny ability to bring people of all different backgrounds together to celebrate fine arts of the African Diaspora.  Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, HFAS provides a platform for African Diasporic visionaries as well as American visual artists to exhibit and sell their artwork. The Harlem Fine Arts Show has also created economic empowerment, educational opportunities, and professional recognition within the multicultural community.

As the Harlem Fine Arts Show honors its past and embraces the history of now, HFAS will continue to impact communities and shape the future of the fine art world.

I’m always pleased when there is something that represents US so unapologetically, and so beautifully. There were a ton of paintings and pieces that were painful to view – not because there was literal pain, but you could tell that they were created from a place of tragedy, but it ended in this raw beauty for the viewers. There are usually artists that are working on their craft while you walk around, and it’s fascinating. 

Harlem Fine Arts Show Artist Antonio Davis

THIS YEAR though, there is a great shoe giveaway sponsored by Country Financial, and Chicago artist, Kari Black will be hand-painting a pair of Converse for one lucky winner. Enter >HERE< to snag your chance to win them! He can be found on Instagram and Facebook.  Until then, head to purchase your tickets NOW and meet me there Thursday night, November 16! I’ll be the one marveling at the gifts that are abounding around me, and trying to figure out how to get one of the pieces into my home. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.