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Giving College Bound Students That Extra Boost

Giving College Bound Students That Extra Boost

I’m sure that most people without kids aren’t really thinking about how to send the children in their neighborhood, and their city, and their state, and the country to college. I’m sure that’s not what’s on their minds daily. They may worry about their future children, or maybe even nieces and nephews, but not other folks kids. Not because they are heartless, but because it’s just not their main priority.

For Lorraine “Raine” Curtis, and her board of directors though? It is. Created from a group of high school alumni, Rainey Day Foundation is a group of uniquely qualified people providing an umbrella of support for n organization which helps rising college students start their college journey a little less stressed about financial requirements. They are the people they needed when they were younger.

Here in Chicago, Nathaniel, my current college sophomore, was involved in mentorships and scholarship programs such as Chicago Scholars and Link Scholars. The programs were rigorous and provided an extra level of support in addition to what he got from his built-in village. It was great to have the support on our end because it provided extra hands when we felt we couldn’t hold on much longer.

The first year of college wasn’t as chaotic as I imagined. I mean, we still had to make sure that Nathaniel kept his blinders on, but it was because of these programs that we were able to succeed.

It was quite interesting for me to see him navigate this new to him space, and new to me – as a parent anyway – with excitement and even a bit of reserve. But he was supported, and not many kids have that, and it needs to change.

Handling the college experience for the first time.

Rainey Day Foundation has perfected the art of crashing trunk parties – those parties where students receive things that they may need for a successful school year, but may not be able to purchase all at once. We had one for Nathaniel, and the generosity of friends and family got him through without being deep in our pockets. What? I’m just here to tell the truth.

Curtis and her Board of Directors will often show up, surprising the college-bound student with items off of a wishlist and other things. I remember 20 years ago having MY trunk party and being so grateful for things like towels, gift cards, and school supplies to get me started on my journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rainey Day Foundation you can find them several places AND donate to their foundation, because we know that many hands make light work.





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.