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Getting Ready for #EpicChIKEA Part Deux and a Giveaway!

Getting Ready for #EpicChIKEA Part Deux and a Giveaway!

Man, I am KILLING the giveaways this month! No worries folks, the $100 gift card from IKEA will be there at the bottom to enter to win. You can even pretend to read this entire post to make me feel better about myself. 

As you know, I’ve partnered with IKEA Schaumburg to share with you all, the greatness that is IKEA. They’ve given me creative freedom, and I like to think that I’m pretty creative, so as part of this partnership, I’m posting about all of my favorite things in IKEA (no this post won’t be a million words or photos long) AND sharing with you my idea of #EPICFieldTrips which started out with IKEA. I kind of want to keep them seperate, but I want to talk about them at the same time as the other content, so you’ll be nice and let me, right?

2015 IKEA Catalog

Anyhoo, a couple of weeks ago, IKEA sent out the joy to everyone everywher, the IKEA catalog. Let’s pause right here. Do you remember the joy you felt as a young one, when you got the Big Toy Book in the mail. I’m not sure if it was Sears, or JCPenney, or Montgomery Ward that sent it out, but it was like kids the world over were silenced for a couple of weeks as we marked, dog-eared, and checked off items that we wanted from that book. Now, year after year, most of us didn’t get a tenth of what we wanted from that catalog, but that didn’t stop us from dreaming every single year it arrived. Now, we’re all grown up, and we can BUY what we want, WHEN we want to. Which brings me to this question. 

Now that you’ve received your IKEA catalog in the mail, which item are you eyeing the most? 

At this moment, I’m really focusing quite a bit on the living room and my bedroom. Both have gone ignored for so long it’s not funny. It’s about time we got a peremanent living room set, and furnished our living room as if we weren’t nomads. It’s hard work deciding on a theme or style of a living room too. Don’t you remember how long it took us to choose a paint color? Wait. You don’t, because I haven’t blogged about it yet, and if I haven’t blogged it, it hasn’t happened. One day. 

So, what does this have to do with part deux of #EpicChIKEA? Well, this Saturday, I’ll be hosting another gathering of the IKEA lovers and we’ll be going full Scavenger Hunt mode. I still haven’t decided what my prize is going to be, but hopefully it’ll be as epic as the gathering itself. Last time (in January) (click the link above, you’ll like it if you read it, I promise) we got a bit of a late start, but we all ate lunch together, and then separated to shop and canoodle with stuff. The hashtag #EpicChIKEA on Instagram, should provide plenty of inspiration during our time there on Saturday. Until then, I’m going to leave you with a couple of my favorite items from the catalog. 

As I said before, the living room and my bedroom are the main focus of my decorating at the moment. I want to create spaces that are relaxing, yet inviting. Especially since at the moment, I have not slept in my bed because I just can’t get into my room being so empty and cold. No worries, Mr. Houseful follows me wherever I go, so he’s been joining me in our living room as we fall asleep on our couches, which also need an update. I want to first start with the walls, and make those inviting. The easiest way to make a room feel more inviting is to start with the walls (to me anyway) and we need a clock, because NO ONE likes having to go to the kitchen to check our microwave for the time. This BRAVUR wall clock will do just that. The command center that it’s hovering over isn’t too shabby either. Little steps for us. 

Bravur Wall Clock from IKEA

As for my bedroom. We already have the HEMNES dresser and the LEIRVIK bed , so we’re looking for ways to incorporate things that will tie the wood and the metal together seamlessly. I’m thinking that we’ll paint our walls Plumage from the Martha Stewart line, and create a secret space for our office work. Hopefully, I can get the room cleared out enough to take a proper before picture for you all. (ETA – I’m working on that today, and will update this post as a starting point. See? You all inspire me!) 

That’s not all! Because IKEA Schaumburg is so awesome, they’re offering a $100 IKEA Gift Card to help with your home decorating needs. Or, you can just use it in the cafeteria. We don’t judge. Be quick though, this giveaway ends Friday! Remember, if you’re on Instagram or Twitter, to follow along with #EpicChIKEA to see all the great fun and inspiration that we share on Saturday!

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Friday 21st of August 2015

I,like the variety of merchandise. I also like that everything is so affordable.

Michelle S

Friday 21st of August 2015

The prices! I know people lament their cheap prices = cheap goods, but we have a set of pots and pans I use everyday that I got from IKEA.

Cheryl Reinhardt

Friday 21st of August 2015

I like that Ikea is Stylish, Affordable and has lots of modern choices to choose from. Simple but beautiful.

Dawn Reid

Friday 21st of August 2015

What I like is that IKEA is affordable.

Trisha McKee

Friday 21st of August 2015

I love the style, variety and the great deals! It is fun to shop and look around and even more fun to buy!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.