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Homeschool Online Spanish Course: Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® Review

Homeschool Online Spanish Course: Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® Review

Everything I’ve heard from grade school up is that the earlier you get a child involved in learning a new language, the more successful they would be. My three youngest children have been enamored with speaking another language since they could grasp the fact that English isn’t the only language spoken – even in the United States of America. This review is my honest thoughts on the Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® program. I was given a complimentary product and compensation for my time,  in order to facilitate this review. 

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®

Nathaniel has been taking Spanish for the last four years, and his only complaint is that he wishes that he started early. I didn’t start French classes until 5th grade, and while I can understand quite a bit of what is spoken, I didn’t quite catch on to the cadence of the spoken language, and I always need to ask people to slow down when speaking to me. While I’m not a qualified foreign language teacher, I do know that immersion is often the best way to go, and immersion with fun songs, and musical interludes keeps my children focused for their lessons.

Foreign Language For Kids Review

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® Setup

The entire program is setup to take your children through an entire day of the week with other children, and to interact with them in a natural space. Or is it? The day starts at 8 am. and ends at 8 pm. and there are surprises throughout. The littles were able to handle lessons in easy to digest units each day, and often went back to replay units to get the words just right.

The lessons play out in video format with captioning at the bottom of the screen to make it easier for students to match up phrases properly. While we are still strengthening our reading skills over this way, I find that it does make the English reading lessons a bit smoother, because they are training their ears and brains to think in a way that they haven’t had to do in a couple of years. I mean, they learned how to speak English before they could read it, and this is how they will learn to speak another foreign language.

Children are involved in every single video, and they are involved in very childlike things, making every video relatable on every level. 

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®

What’s Included in Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®

Online Resources

Because I’m working with the online version, I received a yearlong membership on the online platform, flashcards, card games, stickers, and teacher guides for the first two levels. This is a part of the Super Sets that are offered. You also have the option of using only DVDs as well.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®

The workbooks and flashcards are a great way to keep the minds and hands of your children busy for their foreign language session. My children like flashcards, especially if we’re going through them competition style. While that may not work for everyone, it creates lots of laughter over this way, and allows the repetition and recognition to build up. 

Each of the 8 lessons include the same learning modules. 

  • Video lessons
  • Rapid Review
  • Correlating reading, listening, and culture quizzes
  • Workbooks

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®


Students have workbooks to really merge what they’ve seen, heard and now written down. With the combination of auditory learning and reading comprehension, my children were catching on to simple phrases in no time! Children don’t have just one type of workbook activity either. They are tasked with really understanding questions rather than the same lessons over and over again – which for my oldest daughter creates an atmosphere of boredom faster than I can guzzle a cup of coffee. 


We love flashcards over this way. They are a portable way to learn on the go, or when technology is down. I also like putting the kids in charge of them, and seeing how they may interpret how to use them. Of course, I correct if necessary, but from what I’ve learned, education takes on so many different looks in each homeschool home, and as long as the children are learning, I’m open. 

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®

Teacher’s Manual

Never fear! If you aren’t fluent in Spanish, don’t worry! There is a teacher’s manual to guide you through. Mr. Houseful and Nathaniel know Spanish, so they help me out when they are at home, but for most of the day, I’m the lone adult, and the teacher. The teacher’s manual outlines how each lessons should be best taught, and tips and tricks to teach properly. Student answers are in the manual, so no peeking for the kids! 


These are great for labeling, and a great bit of instruction is included for the kids to get approval from parents before adhering to anything. We had a couple of moments where stickers were adhered to people, because we were learning about family members. What a day! 

5 Reasons Use Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®

1. Ease of use – even if you’re not technologically savvy, the online components are easy to navigate for both teacher and students

2. Brightly colored workbooks, flashcards, and videos

3. Kids are involved in the making of the videos. The videos are presented from a child’s point of view, and are relatable to the children watching. Given that the children are showing a typical day with typical kid activities, it’s refreshing.

4. They’re fun. I heard giggles coming from the kids while they were watching the videos. Anything that supports having fun while learning, is a big win in my book. 

5. Ability to learn the way that’s best for you child. With five different options for learning, there is something available for every type of homeschool budget, learning style, and age group. 

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