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Easter Gifts for the Family

Easter Gifts for the Family

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Easter is once again coming around the bend, and whether you are a believer or not, I do find that folks love shedding the winter wardrobes for brighter, lighter garbs. Yours truly included. We decorate doorsteps and even prep special egg dyes.

Now, we get dressed to the nines in our house and I have fun having a color theme – yes I’m one of THOSE – with the family, but not super matchy because I have a teenager, and a tween, and then a husband. But I manage to get them on board, and it makes me happy.

However, this post isn’t only about me, it’s about the neat stuff that I’ve found around the web to prepare for an Easter Sunday celebration .

Knot You Knot Me

This Etsy shop has great jewelry created from intricate knotted art from owner and artist, Dafna. Click on the photo to check out her shop.

Pippa & Pearl

I really, really, really like hats. Headdresses and crowns make me giddy. You can see how I flaunt them in various posts that I’ve written. I even bought one of these fascinators from Pippa & Pearl two years ago for my stint as a cast member of Listen To Your Mother. It was gorgeous and made me feel slightly British.

HP Laptop

What better way to freshen up your life than with a new laptop? What a great way to spring into better online abilities? This HP Laptop is a great option for your home and travel needs, and it doesn’t hurt to throw a printer in there as well. We have three of them in our home right this moment and they are all different. We’re currently rocking the Envy 7640, the AMP and the Sprocket 2-n-1 which we take with us on road trips.

Personalized Gifts By K

What a great way to personalize a basket that can be used throughout the year for storage of special toys or collections of things from the park.

Grow & Make

From hot sauces, candles, teas, bath salts, and lotions, find kits to do all this and more. Spring is a great time to learn a new skill, and the things you make can be turned into gifts down the line!


The Easter season signals gardening! All you of you all know that I’m partial to edible gardening, but Bluprint (which used to be Craftsy) has an entire section on growing your own food and doing it well. They even have a learning video on building a raised bed. If you’re not only wanting to grow your own food but make other things, you can subscribe to them for a full year to have access to all videos!

Mignon and Mignon

Personalizing jewelry is a great way to put a spring in your step, don’t you think? Given these shown above, it’s a great way to show off your personality or general love of a person, place, or quote.

We’re getting geared up for spring with our start of the garden season, and warm weather gear. How are you gearing up? Hopefully these ideas provide a starting point for you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.