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Dennis The Menace Loves Nudges

Dennis The Menace Loves Nudges

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Dennis. The Saint Bernard/German Shepherd mix dog that we inherited in a whirlwind last year has grown so much on us. He’s not even a year old yet, his birthday is June 28th, and he is the BIGGEST baby on this earth. I know he’s not the only large breed dog that thinks that he’s a lap dog, but he most certainly is MY large breed dog that thinks he is a lap dog. Given that he is so large, we try not to overfeed him, but being in training means that we need something to help train him. He has even gotten into nudging us (get it) for a treat, and now, we can nudge him back with Nudges Grillers that I’ve picked up from Walmart.  #NudgeThemBack #CollectiveBias 


Being an owner of a dog this large presents some problems when dog training. They always want MORE. The dog treats that we have found, work well for smaller to medium sized dogs who understand that those smaller bites are all that they are going to get. Dennis didn’t get that memo. He wants large, he wants meaty, he wants grilled. I want something that isn’t filled with artificial flavors, and is natural. We both get what we want. I’m sure we both are relieved that I can pick up Nudges Grillers during quick runs to Walmart. 


We are a grilling family that firmly believes in great grilled meat whenever we fire up our Weber. Unfortunately, we do not believe in giving Dennis human food. I’m pretty firm in that. Now, I can give him something grilled without feeling like I have to keep a close eye on him to make sure it isn’t messing with his tummy. Just like my grilled steaks are seasoned to perfection for me, these Sizzlers, which come in chicken and beef varieties, come just as tasty for him. He even sits still long enough to show us how much he enjoys the treat! 



Of course, then, he promptly passes out in joy over them! 


Or maybe he sits and smiles in satisfaction at the fact that he thinks that he’s gotten over on us and received some great grilled goodness. 



I’m now in Malawi, Africa, and I am kind of hoping that he misses me like I miss him, but I know that as long as he has his Nudges Grillers in the house as a treat, he’ll be just fine with the other five until I get back. Walmart also carries Nudges Sizzlers, and Jerky Cuts (in a value sized 36 oz) at your local Walmart. You should pick up a bag or two and treat your dog to something special! Check out all of the flavors and information of Nudges on their Facebook page, and tell me which one you’d love to give your dog a nudge with! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.