How to Declutter Your Toy Box #SpringCleaning

I know that many of us are in the midst of Spring Break, or what my parents and grandparents call Clean Up Week – and I figured now would be a great time to share an infographic that I found on Melissa & Doug’s website. It shows how you can declutter that overflowing toy box that your littles may have and do good with them as well. 

This also presents a great opportunity for your children to understand the importance of gifting, or not hoarding in general. There is no way possible for a child to play with every single toy that they have, no matter how hard they try. Believe me, I have a trio of “trying” professionals. They will empty their toy boxes and attempt to give attention to every single toy, stuffed animal, and game that they can. 

This post isn’t sponsored, but as I look around at my very messy home – and I’m not saying that in the cutesy blogger way where there are a couple of toys strewn to and fro – I’m inclined to just use this method for everything. Clothing, dishes, etc. The mess is starting to affect my mood, and we know where my mood has been lately. I figure if we start with the toys and the toy box, and I see little people being a bit more free with giving up their toys, I’d end up not as inclined to hold on to my own. 

So, what about you? There is also a 40 bags in 40 days challenge that is taking place over at White House, Black Shutters and that can be started anytime. She usually does it around lent, but there are no hard and fast rules that state you can’t start whenever. Sometimes cleaning out a closet, or room can provide so much clarity in the head that you would be surprised. 

So use this time to clear some stuff out, and that way, when school is out, or that vacation comes around, you won’t come around to a mess! 

How to Declutter Your Toy Box – A Step-by-Step Infographic Guide by Melissa & Doug.

Can’t bear to part with that block set? Wondering whether it’s time to toss the train set? Leave your worries behind and let our step-by-step guide decide for you!

How to Declutter Your Child's Toy Box

How to Declutter Your Toy Box – A Step-by-Step Infographic Guide provided by

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