Comfortable Road Trip Jeans

It’s not a secret that I am a lover of road trips. I’ve been taking them since I was a little kid, and from that age, the thought of the open road just meant so many possibilities. What would we see along the way? Would there be Dairy Queen;a tradition that my dad started with us, and Mr. Houseful continues by coincidence. What hotel would be staying in. Would there be a swimming pool? How long would we be staying. WOULD WE HAVE AN INTINERARY?! The other thing that I normally think about is, what to wear in the car so that I can get the most comfortable sleep possible. It’s an art to it, and I don’t like my road slumber cut short because I have a button or zippers gauging into my flesh. 

I need to be comfortable when I travel. Usually I find something that’s loose and made of knit material to wear so that I can sleep comfortably wherever I happen to be traveling. Plane, train or automobile. The last year or so has found me traveling quite a bit in jeans. That’s big for two reasons. I can’t sleep in jeans. Jeans normally cut into my precious soft belly fat. Right at my c-section area, and it’s uncomfortable. I’ve written about my love of Lee Jeans before, and here I share with you a couple of the looks that I’ve had when I travel. I lovingly refer to these jeans as comfortable road trip jeans and everyone in my road trip loving family (mostly my dad’s side) understands exactly what I’m saying. 

I’m thinking of making these my “official” travel uniform just because of their comfort level. So soft and buttery. Now, let’s talk about styles. As you know, or may not, it depends, I’m 5′ 2″ and a bit curvy. That’s an interesting combo of sorts, because I would either get pants that fit in the waist but were way too long, or pants that fit perfectly in the inseam, but were too tight or too big in the waist. I now have options for skinny jeans, capris (FOR SHORT PEOPLE YO!) and “regular fit” that I trust. There are a pair of no zippered pants that I love wearing too, because they have the structure of jeggings but don’t fit like leggings if you know what I mean. That pair is perfect for shirts that I wear untucked. I do believe I’m wearing them in my Louisville Slugger photo below. 

I’m now working on collecting an assortment of t-shirts to go along with these jeans of mine, and would appreciate any suggestions you all may have. 

Comfortable Road Trip Jeans

Comfortable Road Trip Jeans

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Comfortable Road Trip Jeans





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