Chicago Sights: Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Chicago International FIlm Festival October 23-November 1

For the 32nd year, Facets Organization is putting on the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival at various locations in the city and it’s going to be awesome. This is one of those things that I love about being a homeschooling mom because we can go to ALL OF THE FILMS without having to justify it to our principal. Although Mr. Houseful may want to see a receipt for gas, but it’s all about the LEARNING right? Besides, we’re saving money with our family pass that only cost $45 and admits four to any and every film if we wanted to go. Hopefully the trifecta is okay with the schedule that I have in my head right now, and maybe the parents can take some time out with Nathaniel to attend the more mature viewings. 

Being a homeschooler during the time of this film festival also means that the co-op that I belong to, can check out the films together and have something to discuss via a unit for a couple of months after. We don’t do classes together, but it sure is nice to have field trips with other kids and their parents somedays. I think that they parents get more out of the field trips than their children do at times. Because my children are in the PK-3 grade levels, I have some pretty awesome films at my viewing pleasure. Or at their viewing pleasure. Either way, we have more than two films directed towards their demographic, and I think it’s awesome. 

I’m currently looking at two days worth of film shorts in the Animal Adventures catergory, including the new PBS show Nature Cat, and the full length film Trenk, The Little Knight. The Everyday Explorations short film series also speaks to my desire to share more of the world with my children on a daily basis. 

Given that each of these films would cost $6 per kid – and according to society, I have a ton of them, and $10 per adult, I think we’re doing the right thing with our $45 pass. Granted we can’t all go on the pass, but we still will end up saving a ton of money in the long run. It will also allow for more alone time with our oldest when we go to film screenings with him. You know, because our 15 year old wants to spend a TON of time with us anyway. 

Stay tuned because we will be sharing about our favorites, and letting you know where you can see them during extended viewing. The Festival runs from October 23 – November 1, and you can find more information HERE

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