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During Chiberia, We Let It Go and Show Our #DisneySide

During Chiberia, We Let It Go and Show Our #DisneySide

During a very chilly Saturday here in Chicago, we decorated our living room and welcomed guests into our home to Let It Go. The ‘it’ being the frigid temperatures of Chicago and the bleak weather that we have been having lately. I was having my #DisneySide party, and true to form for Chicago, it snowed when the day came around. That didn’t stop us though! We took that weather, and channeled our best Elsa, and belted out our best renditions of the Oscar-winning song.


Of course we had Mickey cookies to help get us through the cold. These were sugar cookies that I bought already pre made and just cut out using the nifty Mickey head shapes that were sent in our party packs. I had delusions of grandeur in all that I was going to do from scratch for the party, but the truth of the matter is, I wanted the kids and adults to have fun in general, so I focused on that, and not adding more to my party kit than necessary. 

Mickey Cookies

Each guest left with their very own Disney cup, complete with markers and an activity pack (even the adults!) I found that my best source was the dollar spot from Target as they had TONS of things with a Disney theme, what a way to score! 

DocMcStuffins DisneySide
LightningMcQueen DisneySide

It also helps when you have guests who take their DisneySide just as seriously as the children. We’re talking full love of Mickey and Minnie Mouse here along with squeals of glee at Doc McStuffins, Belle (or Bellarina as the ladybug refers to her) and Sir Twizzler just loving the fact that there was copious amounts of sugar available in Jake and the Neverland Pirates cups for him. 

I’m glad that every guest did come in their finest Disney gear







2014-03-01 13.46.36

2014-03-01 14.00.41

They even got down to business when it came to decorating the Hanes t-shirts that were sent in our party packs. The best hand down was rendered by my best friend the artist for her son. We had a great laugh about how jealous she made people back when she was in grade school – yes, I’ve known her that long. As a matter of fact, every single adult guest that came to my home for my DisneySide party has been someone who I have known since childhood. It was indeed magical. The kids were just happy that they got to take markers to the blank slates of the Hanes shirts. There is nothing that can explain the glee that took over their faces when I handed them those white t-shirts. 

Cars Shirt




As a family that has never been to Walt Disney World (except for the cellist – with Mor Mor,but we won’t go down that road, I’m still a bit jealous) I can totally understand the excitement that surrounds the thought of going to the most magical place on earth, and can’t wait to start planning our trip – or cruise – I’m completely open. 

Until then, we’ll just have to settle down to dream with our memories of celebrating our DisneySides


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Saturday 26th of April 2014

The Houseful Reloaded: During Chiberia, We Let It Go and Show Our #DisneySide

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