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Finding Math Help for Your Children with Mathnasium

Thanks to Mathnasium for partnering with Houseful of Nicholes  If homeschooling has taught me anything, it’s that my children may have less children to compete with in class, but they for sure still have some of the same issues…

Who Is Natasha Nicholes

Where I’m From

There are so many times where I’m inspired by something that my oldest son does, and he doesn’t know it. Several years ago (HEAR THAT NATHANIEL? SEVERAL!!!) he participated in a writing assignment based on the popular poem Where…

Back to School Means Back to Early Mornings

  Let’s face it. I’m not a morning person. Neither are 75% of my children. Only one enjoys getting up before 7 am and having her tea while watching something on PBS Kids or Sprout. I swear she’s channeling…

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