Chicago Sights: Avery Sunshine Brightens Up the City

Let me just take a moment to let you know that I was in the midst of greatness Friday night. 

Wait….I’m still taking my moment. SHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

Avery Sunshine BMOA Block Party

In working with BMOA – the Black McDonald’s Operators Association, I was able to attend the Block Party in Berwyn, Il at The Wire as a VIP, and I was able to bring a guest. Unfortunately Mr. Houseful still thinks the person that I went to see is like the unicorn, however, my friend Monica who introduced me to Avery Sunshine years ago, does not think I was unicorn huntin, and she agreed to accompany me. I was able to take in a mini concert with Ms. Avery Sunshine and she performed so well that I wish that I had a mama to slap! She came out on stage, and I LOVE her presence. So down to Earth, and FUNNY! The fact that she rocked gloss, long earrings, bracelets and high heeled booties with fringe just made me love her more. AND SHE HAS GLITTER ON HER ARMS! Unicorn! I’m telling you! I can’t even properly describe her voice. Smooth as velvet. Think this generations Anita Baker, mixed with more upbeat hooks. It’s too hard to narrow down, but that’s where I go. 

Mrs. Houseful meets Avery Sunshine

If you have not heard of her before, try listening to her first album, titled Avery Sunshine, where you’ll hear hits such as Ugly Part of Me, Pinin’, and All In My Head. She performed the first and last song during her set, and set the stage on fire. I’m always impressed whenever I see an artist that can play instruments and has vocal range that just lets you know they are really all about the gift. They love sharing the gift, and they love being on stage. She had one person on stage with her. A gentleman that was playing a guitar and a bass drum and they sounded so smooth together. 

Avery Sunshine performing at BMOA Block Party

After lifting us up higher with her songs, she had the NERVE to give a testimony and play the first chords to Safe In His Arms. Now. Being from Chicago, when you hear this song, you think of the Tommies. I’ll give you a lesson on them later. So we went from a cool laid back set to straight up church, and she had NO SHAME with praising the Lord right there in the middle of that stage. So amazing. 

My birthday month has been made. Thank you BMOA, V103 and Avery Sunshine! 



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