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A Traverse, 4 Stitches & CiCi’s Pizza – A Thursday FULL of Thanksgiving

Okay, so this post was supposed to be all cheery and whatnot, and it will end that way, but the middle is going to get a little bit dramatic. So hold your horses.

Today, I was delivered my seven-day “test drive” of the Chevy Traverse. I. AM. IN. HEAVEN.  The car looked better than I expected, but I am assuming that I am quickly falling out of love with our current vehicle (although I do appreciate its willingness to stay around just like that boyfriend who you know is not really your boyfriend anymore, but is staying out of convenience.) Anyway, it looks like this:

Well, the ladybug saw it, and she has this thing for red cars. Don’t ask. She was EXTRA excited to go for a ride in it.

Well, we got ready for an afternoon of errand running, I got the twizzlers ready in record time and she was in her coat and happily walking down our porch steps with me when she fell. Hard. And hit her forehead on the corner of the bottom of our CONCRETE steps. >sigh< Didn’t I just get inducted into the bad mothers’ club last year? Is it possible that I can win Rookie of the Year with just one issue. Methinks, yes.

So here we go.

This is what they have to do to you in the emergency room when you are a toddler who has to get stitches in their forehead. Strap you up like a taco. I’m pretty sure that they have to do many adults this way too, but I don’t want to offend anyone. Up until this point she was cool as a cucumber. We even talked about lions and tiger and bears, and how she wanted me to take her to the zoo after this. I told you all that she had a slight obsession with lions. Anyway, the ordeal consisted of numbing agents being injected directly underneath the skin of the already split open wound. Talk about torture, and if my child knew what swearing was, I am sure that she would have been doing that and then some. She then sat still for MOST of the stitching up, until she actually saw the needle and thread right above her eye. *pouts* She did SO well though, and after a brief glare at the physician who stitched her up, she was all smiles again, and demanding ice cream and pizza. Such the opportunist.

I’m sure at this point, she was less than pleased with anyone in white, green, blue or any other color scrubs. I just can’t help but realize now that her perfect little forehead will no longer be that way. All because I couldn’t hold on to her and the twins. I feel some kind of way about that. My mind was put at ease though during the stitching up, when she kept screaming “I LOVE YOU TOO!” to me because that was apparently the only thing that she could think of. I mean, doesn’t she look like she deserves every vat of ice cream that she asks for? One of these days, I’ll get this parenting thing 100%, until then, I’ll keep chugging along.

Now, we ended up at CiCi’s Pizza for  dinner this evening because I just couldn’t bring myself to cook after today, and well, it’s a treat that she needed. The Traverse took us there in style, comfort and PEACE. Let me tell you, that DVD that came with the model that they loaned me was fantastic. Even the cellist was quiet the entire ride. And apparently the headphones that they provided (yes, chile) are sound proof because I kept calling both of them, and neither heard me until I turned the movie off. Bravo! Tonight, we go to bed thankful for our health and continued safety, and the fact that we have the BOMB insurance too. It may not mean much, but to NOT have to worry about any co-pays today helped out a bunch. To be able to get to the hospital safely because of a car loan is also on my thankful list. It may not be mine, but it was here today when we needed it.

And to the ladybug – who stated that she did in fact want to be blogged about – mommy loves you too, and is SO blessed to have such a super big and courageous little girl as yourself in her life. Here’s to any “bump” we may encounter, because we know with a few stitches, we’ll be up and at ’em again.


~Make It A Fantastic Day

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Oh. My. Goodness. What a day! Glad the Bug is ok and the car looks great.

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