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A Homeschooling Update

Hello there! Remember way back in August when I announced that we were going to start home schooling the ladybug? Well, we’re still going at it, but it is not NEARLY as structured as that little room that I posted pictures of earlier.

You live and you learn.

Obviously my child is an apple that did NOT fall far from her parental trees. I’m an active learner, and I like to be in control of what I do learn, and I MUST be interested in it. So must the ladybug. So, we’re combining *some* controlled learning on my part with more of a Montessori method too. It’s saving us lots of head butting. Yes, I butt heads with a three-year old. When was the last time YOU were in a house with one? They can be pretty opinionated little ones.

For example. We have been talking about lions for at LEAST the last three months. Seriously. We’ve taken more than three trips to the zoo to see the main lion – and been lucky in that we heard him roar each and every time.

She even made me record him – I told you, she’s a strong-willed little person.

The ladybug is actually a pretty interesting conglomerate of toddler mixed with a middle-aged woman. She knows what interests her and knows what doesn’t, and that’s how we move about our day. Some days, we’ll read several books. Others, we’ll go outside and pick up leaves and rocks, and more rocks, and even more rocks. *sigh* There are even days in there where she helps with one of the DIY projects that I have going on. Using scrap fabric to dress her babies or create the haute couture for herself. I’m realizing now, how much of a free spirit she is, and it’s pretty refreshing. Sometimes, it messes with my “structure” and I get a bit irritated, but it’s all a part of parenting, no?

I realize that everyone has a different way of homeschooling, and this year, I decided to do what worked best for me. Basically letting her pick and choose what she’s interested in, and biting my tongue when she asks for the seventieth time to watch The Wiz so that she see “my lion!”

~Make It A Fantastic Day

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Saturday 19th of November 2011

Love this! I think it's so important to recognize how each individual child learns and teach accordingly. It only frustartes the parents/teachers and the little ones to make them learn in a way that's not natural for them. Still early for us, but were planning on homeschooling/unschooling andjust seeing what type of learner babygirl is. Structure is good, but being fluid is good too :)


Friday 25th of November 2011

Spoken like a mommy after my own heart!

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