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Educational Stocking Stuffers

Educational Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking to find more educational based stocking stuffer ideas and not the traditional candy, this list is for you. I know that oftentimes, parents and adults alike try to keep toys and the like educational for kids so that we don’t feel SO bad buying them. Here are ways to keep the toy guilt down low, and the educational aspect high, all while still encouraging your children to have fun!

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1. Solar System Crystal Ball Children who love to learn about the solar system will love this crystal ball. The planets are laser-carved into the crystal ball with 3D laser cutting technology to create a clear and distinct vision of the solar system. The lamp holder has 6 different light modes so children can put it on of the many colors available or choose to go with flashing lights. The crystal ball has 3 different power supply modes; battery, USB, and a power charger.

2. Tickle Me Plant While these make great party favors, they also make great stocking stuffers. Children can learn to grow the plant which produces pink flowers that bloom. When you touch the plant, it moves as if you were tickling. Kids will love watching the leaves and branches move when they touch the plant.

3. Puzzle Balls Fun fidget toys for children of all ages that help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and helps increase focus and attention. These puzzle balls are perfect for exercising those sharp minds and tinkering hands.

4. Shapes Beanbags Perfect for any little learner, these bean bags will help kids learn the different shapes with hands-on activities. Not only will kids get practice with their shapes, the bean bags can also help with colors. The set includes 8 bags, a drawstring carrying case, and an activity guide that includes 7 hands-on games.

5. Educational Insights Brainbolt Brain Teaser Memory Game – A fun memory game that children will love to play. Kids can challenge their brain by memorizing the light sequence and following along as far as they can go without breaking the pattern. The game can be played solo or kids can compete against a friend.

6. Do A Dot Art These Do A Dot Art markers have a large sponge tip dauber that’s made to be mess-free and never dry out. Kids will love mixing, blending and layering all the different colors to create their art. The markers are washable and non-toxic. There are 5 different colors for kids to create with and they help promote early childhood development and creativity.

7. 3D Drawing Printer Pen Kids will have a blast using their imagination to create their very own 3D drawings. The 3D Printer Pen allows you to draw a raised graphic on a piece of paper or any flat surface, you can even draw in mid-air and instantly create 3D structures right in front of you. After the design is finished, the creations can be picked up and played with.

8. Wizard Roll Family Board Game A game that everyone in the family can enjoy. The concept of the game is to help the Wizard complete his spells by rolling the cubes and matching the pattern on their Spell Card. As the game goes on, children will learn shapes and colors while improving their strategic skills and memory.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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