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5 Hotels to Stay in North Dakota

5 Hotels to Stay in North Dakota

Continuing with the North Dakota trip, I wanted to share the hotels that we stayed in for the week. Yes, we stayed one night in each city, and got up to leave to check into another hotel each and every single night. The kids had a blast. But the fifth night, I was kind of over it. Not because any of the hotels were horrible, but because I broke the cardinal rule of packing, and didn’t organize well. Pair that with the frigid temperatures that we’ve experienced, and well, I was miserable picking outfits out. That is until I was smart enough to pull them tonight! Today I present to you the 5 hotels to stay in North Dakota. I loved them all for different reasons, and every hotel catered to large parties of travelers. 

Cambria Hotel 

5 Hotels to Stay in North Dakota

We drove into Fargo in a blanket of fog, and didn’t see this hotel from the interstate (94 if you’re wondering) and couldn’t really appreciate the way that the Cambria looked when we drove in. We were also sleepy, so checking in was welcomed. The Cambria in Fargo has been around for a little over two years, and consists of suite style hotel rooms with separate areas for work and rest. The work area also has a sleeper sofa just in case you don’t want to split rooms for you and your travel companions. 

The beds were comfortable, and the rooms were large. They are also a part of the Choice Hotels group, so make sure if you’re collecting points, you do so! I can definitely see myself and the Houseful staying here again for a couple of days or so, and checking out a lot of the attractions. 

The hotel has a complete dining area, conference area, pool (which is important during winter trips with children) and a business center. 

Staybridge Suites

5 Hotels to Stay in North Dakota

Staybridge Suites is part of the IHG program the Holiday Inn stays that I did were under those as well, and I can say that I was not disappointed. Walking into the reception area reminds you of a lodge of sorts. Very comfortable. Free breakfast, and free internet for IGH members makes the stay well worth travelers who still have to work or stay in touch with family back home. We did stay in a one bedroom suite in Bismark, and a two bedroom suite in Grand Forks. Obviously, the two bedroom was a favorite, but both suites were wonderful, and had plenty of space to sleep, work and cook if we wanted to. A full kitchen, with dishes, and seasonings if we wanted them. We likened the suite to what we experience with our vacation ownership condos. 

The two areas that we got the most use out of were the pool, we bring swimming suits with us everywhere, even during the winter months, and the free guest laundry, which allowed me to wash EVERYTHING before coming back home and just putting everything away. The guest laundry was also next to the fitness room, which I may have shied away from. 

Given that both of these hotels were in the larger cities of North Dakota, you don’t have any worries about finding supermarkets or big box stores to shop in for necessities, or in my case, laundry detergent. 

Landmark Suites

5 Hotels to Stay in North Dakota

Landmark Suites is in the oil town of Williston, ND in an area called the Bakken, which at first glance seems very unassuming. The hotel was very comfortable, and welcoming to our family. We did notice that several construction workers were calling Landmark their home while working and the entire atmosphere seemed very family friendly. My dad stayed in a king custom suite while the kids and I hunkered down in a king studio. They preferred his room to ours, only because the kitchen was bigger ( my kids are partial to large kitchens, go figure) but loved that our suite did have a kitchen, and space for them to eat. 

Free breakfast and free parking is also offered here, as well as a small sundries area, and restaurant. The hotel is not far from local shopping and there are a great deal of places to eat.

Rough Riders Hotel 

5 Hotels to Stay in North Dakota

This hotel was my dad’s favorite. I’m thinking it was because of the old west feel the hotel and the entire town of Medora had. Medora is definitely a city that thrives on tourism, and also the location for the south entrance of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The hotel rooms were surprisingly modern, and comfortable. We had large rooms with king sized beds and rustic looking bathrooms. Free breakfast was served (notice a pattern here, we stay where we can eliminate the need to pay for at least one meal of the day) and there was a conference going on and we didn’t feel as if it was crowded at all. 

I will say that it was around this area that I lost my cell phone signal, so I had to rely heavily on Wi-Fi enabled spots. There were many in the town, so I didn’t have to search long, and it provided a reason for all of us to talk instead of have our noses in our phones. I actually can’t wait to revisit this hotel in the summer, because I’m sure the charm is even more palpable than it is during the onset of winter. 

Northern Lights Inn

5 Hotels to Stay in North Dakota

When I checked this spot out online before checking in, I was a bit worried. I tend to find spots that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to check into because it’s what makes me comfortable. Later on, I found out that it’s the only one of three spots to overnight in Rugby, and it’s quite charming. We had a two bedroom suite after a bit of an awkward check-in with all of us staying in one room. The situation was quickly rectified, and we were moved to the two bedroom suite with a living area. The room reminded me of a man cave of sorts, but was clean and perfect for what I required. We were also right around the corner from the pool, and received meal tickets for breakfast in the morning at the attached restaurant and lounge. 

So there you are. 5 hotels to stay in North Dakota, and you won’t be wringing out your pockets. All were wonderfully priced for the space provided, and all provided free breakfast, parking and wi-fi. All offered some insight into each city that we were staying in as well. We weren’t too far from attractions, and all of the hotel staff were knowledgeable of the area around them. 

I know North Dakota may not be on the list of MUST GO places, but I assure you, it is definitely a state that you shouldn’t overlook, and when you do finally go, make sure you book your nights at any of these hotels. 

All hotel stays were comped by each city’s visitors bureau in partnership with North Dakota Tourism

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Ginny Marie

Monday 28th of November 2016

We stayed at the AmericInn in Medora this summer, and it was nice. We had dinner at Rough Riders, and that was spectacular! That was our first time we'd been to North Dakota, and Theodore Roosevelt Natl. Park is definitely a must see!

Natasha Nicholes

Saturday 1st of April 2017

I did NOT see this comment Ginny! Isn't it such a wonderful little town?

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