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March 2018

Homestead Blog Hop

Homestead Blog Hop 180

Welcome to the Homestead Blog Hop! I just decided that I’m going to buy the land that the community garden is on, and that I’m going to believe that there are enough people out there who believe in the…

Splitting Up Together ABC TV

Splitting Up Together Q&A Session #ABCTVEvent

Divorce is messy. I’m finding that out firsthand (no, I’m not getting divorced, but a couple close to me are, and it’s breaking my heart) that there is nothing easy about it. No matter how you are connected, when…

40 Clove Garlic Chicken

40 Clove Garlic Chicken

Before I continue this post, I need you to know that I did not get to taste one piece of this chicken because of this four-legged monster. I made 10 chicken thighs. They smelled wonderful, they were browned to…

Mill City Museum - Minneapolis Minnesota

Mill City Museum | Minneapolis Minnesota

Last summer, the kids and I headed up to Minnesota for some fun, and I’m proud to say that I drove all that way without Mr. Houseful. I could have used him though, because it seemed as if the…