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June 2016

Rick Bayless at Macys State Street

Rick Bayless Cooking Demo at Macy’s State Street

Chicago is a veritable mecca of delicious food. We are lucky to have such powerhouses as Stephanie Izard, Takashi Yagihashi, and Rick Bayless in our midst. Chef Bayless and his  love for Mexican cuisine can be felt every time you…

The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells

Review: The League and the Lantern

It’s been quite the long time since I’ve done a book review, and this time, I’m coming to you with a young adult one! The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells was a quick but intriguing read that…

Strawberry Shortcake is an American Icon

Would you believe that as much as I love strawberries, I have never made strawberry shortcake. Well, from scratch at least, and I think that’s abysmal. I’m depending on Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Johnny Iuzzini to help me out…

Witches Broom Asparagus

Asparagus Farm Tour

It looks like this year is the year of having all of my farm dreams come true. I’m getting to learn quite a bit about small and large scale farming, and with every farm visit, or new crop that…

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