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10 Things to do Instead of Watching Election Coverage

So the big day is here. I thought the elections of 2008/12 were horrible, but THIS election cycle was the WORST! Usually I look forward to seeing the results pour in, but I can’t handle it this year, so I’m going to share 10 things to do instead of watching election coverage. *there are affiliate links sprinkled through this post of happiness*

Clean Your House

Think of today as the spring cleaning season – or clean up week, as my grandparents said. I’m sure there’s a pantry, or bedroom, or garage that needs to be tidied up. You can do it. 

Take a Nap

I’m POSITIVE you can nap for 14 hours or more. I believe in you! 


May I suggest this book? I’m sure it doesn’t have a donkey or elephant in it either. Or maybe it does, but you don’t have to color them red or blue. 

Do One of those Subscription Box Activities with your Children

We like Little Passports (which now has a science component) and Kiwi Crate, which caters to so many different age groups now! 

Go to Target 

Seriously, go shop at Target. Your happiness depends on it. And whichever way you choose to shop at target (online or in person) make sure that you download the Cartwheel App to help save up to 50% on your purchases! 

Become a Tourist in Your City 

Use the CityPass too, so that you can save even more money. No use touring your city and paying tourist prices. 

Learn a New Craft 

If you’ve been wanting to learn to sew, quilt, knit, take better photos, or decorate cakes, today is a good day to start. Besides, the holiday season is quickly approaching and you know you want to present your closest friend with a knit dishtowel. 


Get Some Mod Clothes

Mod Cloth is having a sale every day this week. I think even THEY know that this is a tense time for the United States. Check out their sale today!

Start Planning a Happier Next Year 

You know you want to get it settled what you will do to celebrate or grieve the loss of your favorite candidate. Do it in one of these really wonderful planners. I LOVE my Day Designer, and I bet you will feel a sense of control when you have every single detail of what you’ll be doing next year, down on paper. 


I know that if “insert candidate’s name here” doesn’t win, you will like it’s the end of the world as we know it. I have that feeling too, but I’m resting in the fact that it just won’t. We’ll be able to wake up day in and day out wearing either sackcloth and ashes or fabulous clothes from Mod Cloth. 

Honestly, just get out and vote today, and do something to relax your nerves. I’ve tried giving the best options that *I* know in this post, but I’m sure you can squeeze out a few more if you really tried. 

Happy Election Day! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.