The Onion Has Gone Past Its Shelf Life


I didn’t watch the Oscars tonight. Instead, I wallowed in a pit of depression, that I will address tomorrow.

I sewed a bit, and followed some comments on twitter, when I saw the photo above pop into my timeline.

Let me tell you something.

As satirical as The Onion is, it is NEVER okay to call a CHILD the word which they used. I fully understand that some of Holllywood’s children can be very bratty, but SERIOUSLY?! Degrading children is what’s hot now? Women have been fighting to be respected for years, and now we have to cover our daughters too?

Quvenzhane is nine years old. NINE. Her name hasn’t been splashed across the papers, or media outlets for traipsing around Hollywood with some married man, or getting high. She’s a KID, and the Onion crossed a BIG FAT LINE when they used this disgusting word to describe her, satire or not.

Get this though. Even if she WERE an adult, and WAS on drugs, that word isn’t okay either. Understand?

Let’s make it really clear. Call my ladybug or my Lil Miss the c word and see just how fast I find that supernatural strength I have.

Inappropriate, disgusting and just plain barbaric.

How do you all feel about the tweet? And don’t come through here saying that it was just satire. Don’t you dare.