Play Dough!

Anyone  have parents back in the day that hated playdough? Was I the only one? I’m sure that Mor-Mor would LOVE to see what we made last night then! Our very own homemade playdough.

The first batch that we made is for a project that the cellist is working on for school (on his fall break by the way – I mean, why have a break if you have BUNCHES of homework – what about those of us who actually go on vacation? But I digress) and I will make sure to share that project with you all later on. Now, we’re making a second batch to use with the ladybug for homeschool. Fun!

Here are a couple of pictures and the recipe that we used.

I did a double batch so the measurements are as follows:

1. 1 cup of salt

2. 2 cups of flour

3. 4 teaspoons of Cream of Tartar powder

4. A tablespoon or so of oil

5. 2 cups of water

6. Dye for coloring

Mix all ingredients together until they are combined well and then empty the bowl into a nicely warmed skillet to help meld them together. You can shape it into a large ball and use it like that. However, we at the Nicholes camp like to live on the edge. We broke them into 14 smaller spheres and we dyed those bad boys. Yeah we did! Here’s proof:





And here they all are. As you can see, we like purple….a lot….either that or our color mixing skills leave a lot to be desired. We’ll see how it fares for the cellists school project and report back pronto!

But watch out though, you may have a young person staring at you like this, slowly anticipating how they can take hold of all of that wonderful playdough and destroy I mean, use it.

I also think that the cellist enjoyed the color mixing a little bit too much, what say you?

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    • The Houseful says:

      Hi CraftyEarthMama! It depends on how much you use. If you are worried about it, I’m sure you could use plastic gloves and it won’t stain that way. I also limited the amount of dye to skin contact by making a little indentation into one of the dough balls and putting the dye in there, and then folding it all into each other. Maybe I should show how I did the dyeing of the dough too. I’ll see if I can get some pictures of that tomorrow.

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