#OurProject52 {3/52} Guilty Pleasure

Earlier when I started moving into this house, I admitted that I had a small problem. I love dutch ovens. Especially bright colorful ones. So much so, that I have four in my house at the moment, and I’m looking to get more. I want them in all of the colors, but for now, I started with ones that will match the general color theme of my kitchen. Teal. I’m not sure when I fell in love with these particular dutch ovens, but it had to be during that time I went to Macy’s and met Martha Stewart. She was such a funny lady, and I really, really love the fact that she could laugh at herself. So, when she encouraged us to look at her dutch ovens instead of the ones that cost upwards of $400 I decided to humor her. Then I became enthralled. I waited, and waited, and almost bought, and waited, and then finally, the Macy’s One Day Sale happened and I basically got both of my dutch ovens for way less than one 8 quart one would cost. Amazing. By the way, this was also the fault of Mimi, who I’m linking up with again for #OurProject52

I love cooking. A lot. Sometimes I wonder why I have to do so much of it, and then I remember I have four children, and a husband, and well, I’m the one that stays home the majority of the days. However, you better believe that I have Mr. Houseful take the reigns on days where he is the work from home dad. One of my biggest solaces is the fact that my cookware is pretty. 





Speaking of pretty cookware, I figured that my kitchen accessories should be just as awesome. I love my measuring cups, and below are just a few of the ones that have found their ways into my heart. One was a gift from my good friend Summer from The Dirty Floor Diaries who was paying incredibly close attention to all of the drooling that I’ve been doing on Pinterest. It’s always nice to get those types of thinking about you gifts, right? The whales are what showed up for me right after Christmas, and around the time Mr. Houseful started giving me the side eye about these addictions. It’s okay though. He likes the stuff that I make from using them. 





So, do you have any guilty pleasures? Tell me about them below, and maybe think about joining in now, or next week! 

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  1. Andrea @ MouseInMyPocket.com says:

    Any addiction that helps you provide nourishment for your family sounds like a good one to me. My guilty pleasures are almost always just about me. 😉 And those funny little whale measuring cups are starting to grow on me, even if I am one to TRY to keep my kitchen functional.

  2. Tia says:

    I love a cute kitchen item or handy gadget. Sadly, I do not own a dutch oven but I really want one. That’s the kind of kitchen I want. One that’s full of pretty pots and pans, cast iron skillets and colorful dutch ovens. I have 2 out of three. Maybe this will be the year that I snag a dutch oven. Love the measuring cups!

  3. Kari says:

    That cookware IS pretty.
    I love to cook too, I learned from my mom who learned from my grandma.
    My mom loves to collect cookware as well as cookbooks.
    You two would get along famously.
    Another reason for you to go to Chattanooga.

  4. Megan says:

    Oh my. That turquoise pot is beautiful! I have one purple one that I got from Sams club and I use it for EVERYTHING. But those whales! And the fish! Need them.

  5. LaShawn says:

    I do love a good dutch oven. I have one and it’s a beautiful red. I keep hearing great things about Martha Stewart’s Collection. I have to check it out. I love that turquoise pot!

  6. Mimi says:

    Yes, to pretty cookware. I was never really in love with it until I moved into my new house. I am trying to build my beautiful collection one on sale piece at a time!

    I’m going to get those mason jar measuring cups you posted. I saw them at World Market as well.

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