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Travel and Adventure Show

Travel and Adventure Show

As a travel writer, it is always important for me to stay on top of the trends in travel so that I know how to plan my year, and of course, so I can share all of the fun…

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The Aftermath

Goodness gracious I am livid.  My good friend Janelle from Renegade Mama just taught an amazing class, and let us know that we should sit on impassioned writing for at least 24 hours before publishing. Today, I’m probably going…

Crimson Sweet Watermelon Union Avenue Community Garden

A Lesson in Growing Watermelon

Last year I tried growing watermelon, and I failed miserably. Let’s take a look at the only proof of watermelon seed that I have from last year. The first watermelon has finally erupted! #urbangarden #backyardgarden #backyardgardening A post shared…

Nature Cat on PBS Kids

Nature Cat Goes Yonward With Hour Long Special 1/18

Monday, January 18 will be a special day for all Nature Cat lovers. Already winning our hearts with is shouts of ONWARD, YONWARD and his ability to find the fun in nature around him, four all new episodes will…

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