Square Foot Gardening and The Seeding Square #WeSowWeGrow

    Hey all! I’m back with some garden goodies for you! I was sent the Seeding Square for the Community Garden, and I LOVE IT! I did tell Shomari last year that I wanted something that would make it easier to plant in the garden without having to “eye” it. Even though “eyeing” it didn’t do so badly last year, it’s just nice to have something in our toolbox to make sure that we’re doing things properly, and in order. It’s also great to have for those folks who may come and help us plant that don’t really have the ability to “eye” it. You know what I mean? 

    Seeding Square

    This seeding square foot gardening template is great for kids too! We’re going to share on We Sow We Grow next weekend, while the kids are using it to sow directly into the soil. Make sure to tune it! 


    I explain how the handy chart in the seeding square helps guide you as to what seeds you need to plant in what formation. It’s a great sturdy tool, and I think that our community garden will be purchasing several more to have on hand so that people can use them, without having to wait for a turn. It’s such a great way to simplify something that so many people may not find as simple as it can be. It’s scary planting so many plants so close together. I remember when I saw that corn could be planted four in one square foot, I hemmed and hawed for a good week or two before just biting the bullet. Now, no one needs to wait as long as I did! 

    Seeding Square Review

    I’m so excited to expand and grow beyond our greatest imaginations! I’m also grateful for the group of gardeners of all levels, who hang out with me weekly, and make sure that we’re all sowing and growing, together. 

    Seeding Square Review

    Happy growing, and see you next week! 

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