Black History Month: Author Series

Hey, Black Child

Hey Black Child
Do you know who you are
Who you really are
Do you know you can be
What you want to be
If you try to be
What you can be

Hey Black Child
Do you know where you are going
Where you’re really going
Do you know you can learn
What you want to learn
If you try to learn
What you can learn

Hey Black Child
Do you know you are strong
I mean really strong
Do you know you can do
What you want to do
If you try to do
What you can do

Hey Black Child
Be what you can be
Learn what you must learn
Do what you can do
And tomorrow your nation
Will be what you what it to be

~ Countee Cullen

While this poem applies to ANY child, it seems that so many of our black children are having their lives taken from them earlier and earlier. As a resident of the city of Chicago, it pains me to have to read about, or hear about another black child in the prime of their YOUTH gunned down on the streets.

If more people poured into the lives of our children in general, we would get better output from them.

What say ye?

Please join our Houseful as we celebrate the efforts of all things literary this month. From friends, and family to poet laureates, we’re celebrating the authors of Black History. We’ll also share (hopefully) some words that they took with them when they thought that their lives weren’t as promising as they became.

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