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December 2017

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman – A Toe Tapping Good Time

My inability to give a flashy title for this blog post is the reason why I’m not a movie critic folks, but I won’t let that stop me from reviewing The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Keala…

Homestead Blog Hop

Homestead Blog Hop 167

Welcome to the Homestead Blog Hop! Now on to the hop… Homestead Blog Hop will take place every Wednesday and is for all things homesteading: real food recipes, farm animals, crafts, DIY, how-to’s, gardening, anything from-scratch, natural home/health, self-sufficiency,…

Oven Dried Cranberries

Oven Dried Cranberries

Right after Thanksgiving, I was left with half of a turkey carcass and a desire for turkey salad. Except I wanted pecans and cranberries in mine, and only had pecans. I’m sure you could imagine my dismay at the…

Family Caregiving with Sam's Club

Supporting the Family Caregiver

    I have one grandparent left. She’s pretty spry for her age, but I consider myself one of her caregivers. Not the main one – that title of family caregiver belongs to my aunt, her daughter, but I…

Blogger Gift Guide

Gifts for the Blogger In Your Life

Oftentimes, when I’m out and about at an event, or gathering with friends or family, talk turns to what I do for a living, and what I use for my job. Usually, everyone thinks that I’ve gotten everything for…