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January 2015


The Houseful Cooks: Guacamole

Are you like me? Do you love guacamole? Should it be its own food group? I sure do think so. There’s nothing better than going to a restaurant with Mr. Houseful and getting guacamole served table side. But YO!…

Moving Day Boxes


This is my life right now. Boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes. I’m swimming in cardboard, and I kind of want to kick it all to the curb. I was doing well with going back and forth from our old…

#OurProject52 {3/52} Guilty Pleasure

Earlier when I started moving into this house, I admitted that I had a small problem. I love dutch ovens. Especially bright colorful ones. So much so, that I have four in my house at the moment, and I’m…

Our Project 52 {2/52} Morning

Morning {2/52} #OurProject52

Before we moved, I didn’t often get to see the sun rise. I would be turning over in my bed as Mr. Houseful exited the house on his way to work, and as the cellist got up to get…

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