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January 2015

World Market Kitchen Accessories - Vintage Mason Jars

World Market Mania: Mason Jar Accessories

 I’m not sure when I first walked into a World Market, or why I did, but I’m pretty sure that I kicked myself for not doing it sooner. I didn’t step foot into it with serious intentions until we…


Teaching Diversity for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It’s January and we’re coming super close to the national holiday that is Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. We’re also coming up to National Day of Service which is observed on the Monday, January 19th this year. In our…

Project 52 - Week 1

Who Are You? #OurProject52

It’s so bizarre how I think that I look, and how photos that I’m the star of can give me a different vibe.  Does my composition, and all of that good stuff need to get better? Yep! I still…


What Homeschool Looks Like for Me

It always happens. Someone asks what the three little ones do, or what school they go to, or ask them to read or spell their name, and I immediately get pulled back into my little bitty childhood when people…