We’re Ready for School!

The ladybug's desk area, chalkboard, storage and play area.My "desk", calendars, storage shelf, etc....

My "desk", calendars, storage shelf, etc....


So, we’re officially starting our homeschool season here at the Houseful. Our multipurpose area in the house has now been repurposed for the ladybug’s classroom. Whenever we have a gathering, I have a place where I can move the tables and such to, for the day and then move them back.

I’m excited and so is she. She keeps picking things up and trying to use them the way that she thinks that they are supposed to be used. It’s funny to me. We’re going with a loose curriculum, but I do want to stay on task with some things in general – for instance the alphabet/numbers, colors and shapes. Everything else, we’re going to just go with the flow. I do have a couple of field trips in mind for August and September and next week I hope to call the places to see what operating hours are and if they have homeschool specials.

Now….can ANYONE tell me how to get crayon off of a chalkboard?!

~Make it a FANTASTIC Day! ~

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    • Sarah h. says:

      Totally try a mr. Clean magic eraser. I swear by them and would be willing to bet it would work for crayon. You go girl!!! What a great mama you are. Happy start to school!

  1. Nadine P says:

    My children used crayons on their chalkboard. Any idea how to remove the marks without damaging the surface?
    — Vicki Pallis, Mercer Island, WA

    No problem! Use a petroleum-based product (a common spray-can lubricant available at houseware and hardware stores) to remove the marks. Apply to the surface, then wipe with a dry cloth. If the marks don’t disappear completely, wash the stained areas with a sponge dipped in a warm solution of liquid dishwashing soap and water. Rinse and let dry. You may have to repeat this process.

    Read more: How to Remove Crayon from Chalkboard — Heloise Hints – Good Housekeeping

  2. The Houseful says:

    Thanks everyone! She’s been enjoying her classroom! Aisha, you’re more than welcome to come on through. Bring lady C too!

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