The Cellist Discusses Water Conservation: SURGE Water Summit #youthforwater

On Saturday, March 23, the cellist joined some fellow classmates and a teacher to learn more about water, and how so many people around the world are lacking. The summit was put on by SURGE for Water and opened the eyes of several youth around the city of Chicago on the trials that other young people go through in order to obtain something that we often take for granted.

Here are some key points that the cellist took away from the summit:

  • Instead of letting water run in the sink while you’re waiting for it to get hot, you can collect water in plastic jugs to water plants in the future.
  • There are 8 countries that SURGE helps get water: Haiti, India, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan.
  • You can clean water at home by using some simple products. Cotton balls, rocks, and cupcake wrappers are some of the tools you can use.
  • Some people have to walk at least 10 miles away from their homes to have access to clean water. After getting it, they must walk back with 20 lbs of water, another 10 miles.
  • To conserve water in your own home, you can buy a low flow faucet or shower head for a small amount. Thus making a large impact for a small amount of money.


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