Buttering You Up – Peachy Style

This right here is peachy goodness. I know that it’s late in the season to tease you this way, BUT, there’s always next year. Promise me you’ll make some next year, promise me. Did you promise?! Okay, here we go.

And please totally disregard EVERYTHING wrong going on in this picture. It was a fast take…I was hungry….the babies were crying, something.

That my friends is peach butter on toast. With a couple  several hard boiled eggs to go with it. I made this about a month and a half ago and yes, I’m only getting to post pictures of it now. I’ll do better.

First you start off with the amount of peaches that you want. I was making four pints so I got about six pounds of peaches.  In order to peel them, I made a small x incision on the bottom of the peach and dropped them in boiling water for thirty seconds.  I then took them out and submerged them in ice cold water to remove the skin.

After you have peeled all of the peaches, you need to cut them in half and then rough chop them (about eight pieces per half and return them to the pot – that you have already emptied of the boiling water since the peaches will have so much juice you don’t need extra)

Here’s where you add your seasonings. I used white sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little bit of allspice. I liken mine to a peach cobbler filling. I LOVE it. I didn’t use a lot of seasoning in relation to the amount of peaches because I wanted more of the peach flavor to seep through.

And you can cook this for about 30-45 minutes

 then you can either blend the mixture to smooth perfection by using and immersion blender or a counter top one

then can away! Of course, leave some out for your enjoyment right away. It’s that good!



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