When Will I Get Sleep Again?!

While I very well know the answer to this, it seems like the road to sleep is VERY far away.

Today was hard. I can’t even lie. It was massively hard for me and I almost broke down in tears.

The twizzlers clusterfed on and off from one in the morning until about one o’clock yesterday afternoon. It didn’t seem like there was an end in sight. I even called my mother in hopes that she could come over to help out and she couldn’t. >sigh<

It’s frustrating to live in a society that doesn’t value parenthood the way that it should. I mean, we are producing the workers of tomorrow, right? I wish that Mr. Nicholes could swing paternity leave without having to use up all of the family vacation time. I wish that there was more importance put on parents staying with their families throughout the year. Heck, even working from home would be valuable right now. Before anyone reads too far into this, I am VERY thankful for the job that Mr. Nicholes has. It allows us to live comfortably – not extravagantly, but comfortably in a time when many people aren’t sure of how they are going to pay their rent, or eat their next meal. It’s just that in order for children to get the GREAT care that their parents can provide, other provisions need to be made in our working society. I am pretty sure that I am babbling right now – as it’s almost two in the morning here in Chicago, but darnit I’m missing sleep! And of course the twizzlers are asleep, and because my internal clock is off, I’m awake.

I think to make myself feel better, I might go and steal a peek at them while they are sleeping. It always makes me smile.

~ Make it a FANTASTIC day! 


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    January 20, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    No, sweetheart you weren't babbling. The US DOESN'T make the provisions for parenthood that it should. It's all about making money for the company and who cares if the family suffers. Even the most generous companies here don't compare to other countries. The mentality is "well at least you get this…" O_O Instead of happy families make happy employees which help the company prosper. *sigh*

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    Cosmopolitan Kids
    January 31, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    It really is sad how we love in one of the most affluent nations and our social issues lag behind other developed nations.


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