Twinapalooza Part II, Fall Shopping and Contractions

Well. That’s a heavy title. Let’s start with the beginning.

I’m starting to become afraid. Very afraid. Our house is not ready. In the least. I mean, we don’t have ONE. SINGLE. ITEM. for the twizzlers. Now, I’m certain that we will be ready for them in about a month or so, but my anal rententiveness is causing eye twitches galore and random anxiety attacks. Today, Mr. Nicholes and I went to Once Upon A Child and did some double shopping. Or triple shopping, I get confused easily these days. We started off looking for gently used items for the twizzlers and became overwhelmed. This new feeling perplexes me. I mean, I already HAVE two children, shouldn’t I be an old pro by now. And THEN it hits me…..duh! You are having two at the SAME TIME WOMAN! Get it together. So, here are some of the great buys that I saw:

One solid wooden crib for $125
One solid wood drawer set for $150
One gently used double stroller in pink ( I can only imagine if we have two boys) for $79
and of course a host of baby swings, holders, chairs, etc. It was like Babies R Us for the Olympic Shopper.

I’m trying to make a list of what we will ABSOLUTELY need that we don’t already have from our toddler the ladybug. And, it seems to be quite a bit. >sigh< It will all get done, and I’m sure I will look back on this post and laugh at my desperation. Or maybe I will just think – poor child, she was worried about getting stuff together, while I’m busy HANDLING the four kids she didn’t have back then!

On to the next portion of this wonderfully titled post. Fall shopping. The bug has completely grown out of every single piece of clothing that he has. I think that she did it on purpose. She is now wearing a size five shoe, and in size 24 month clothes. I shouldn’t be surprised, because >gasp<  next Friday, she’ll be 24 whole months (which by the way – I don’t use in my regular vernacular, I’m lazy and I’ve been just saying she’ll be two – sue me.) I’m sure that I should be okay that she’s not smaller or bigger for her age, but this just happened. I mean, it literally just magically happened. She GREW OVERNIGHT! I maintain that it was done on purpose so that my already full brain wouldn’t be able to process it and so that she could run around in training pants all day long. Now of course, this would definitely be one of the characteristics of my child – since I do believe that we would all be better off without clothes. Check the previous posts. It’s true. Anyhow, to make a long-ish story short-ish, we got some nice pieces of clothing, not nearly enough to last the entire fall and winter season, but good nonetheless. And to prove that you can score totally SWEET deals, I got a brown Gap dress that I had been eyeing last season that regularly cost $50 for a whole $6.50. Yes I did cartwheels in the middle of the store (in my head) and yes I might have done a happy jig at the register to show the glee that the pretend cartwheel didn’t get across. It’s definitely the little things.

Last but not least. that grand old last word in the title….contractions. I’ve been having them. Daily, and often. They are uncomfortable, and I’m not particularly happy about them. I’ve already checked in with my provider and she SAYS that it’s normal. Notice how I turn up my nose while I spit out the word SAYS (wait, you can’t see me! Darn it!) Well, I’m doing it. I love my prenatal provider, with all my heart, and soul. She’s bubbly, she’s great, she’s thorough. However, contractions at six months to me are not normal, and I cross my arms in the face of the person that says so. Hmph!

Sooooooo for all those other mamas out there, I have a couple of questions for you.

1. Give me one piece of advice about planning for baby (and yes pretend that I don’t already have two)
2. What’s the greatest score that you’ve had when it comes to purchases for your child.
3. What aspect of pregnancy or pregnancies bothered you?


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    September 17, 2010 at 1:58 am

    I can answer #2 and #3. (I have NO idea why I can't answer #1.)

    #2: About a week or two before my daughter was born, my mom and I had to go out on an errand. She drove because I wasn't feeling well. I don't remember the place to which we were going but I said to her, "Why don't you go the other way?" Well, we turned up a side road and outside the first house on the left sat a white glider and ottoman–the last two items I needed but couldn't find at a reasonable price. My mother rang the doorbell and the man who answered said he had 4 children and was done. LOL We took it home, cleaned it and cushioned it well. That become MY bed for the first 3 months of Lil Girl's life. 😀

    #3: The severe hyperemesis worried me. Sure, I had enough on me to go without eating but Lil Girl's development was my concern. But her heartbeat and development were right on point. Soon the sickness subsided..but I was afraid to eat. Baby Girl turned out well and 4 years later is growing by leaps and bounds.

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    September 17, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    #1: Piece of advice, let's see…Don't go out and try to buy everything at one time, they won't need it all in the beginning. That was my habit.

    #2: My greatest score was the crib & changing table. My mom had a former student who had it set up in her house for her grands, but had to move a parent in, so the baby set-up needed to go. She had a niece who was pregnant at the same time, but she was too good for hand me downs, so she offered it to me at no cost! Whoo Hoo!!

    #3: My greatest fear was having a miscarriage. I had no meadical reason to fret it, but that was the one thing that kept playing in my mind.

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    N. Nicholes
    September 18, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    ~D – An ottoman and glider set is so on my list of things that I am drooling over. We're still trying to find one, especially since Mr. Nicholes tried one out and said that we now needed it – insert an I told you so face from me in here!

    ~ Alicia – Thanks for stopping through, I still don't think that I have learned the lesson of not needing everything right away yet. I like to have it and then be able to go to a storage closet to retrieve it when the time comes instead of having to go and purchase. This would be a GREAT way to live by if I could actually get organized by months and years in our house. One day, one day.

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