The Very Fabric of My Being

So, I know that should say “fiber,” but Friday was a DOOZY here in the Nicholes’ house. Well, it as a doozy for me, the other people who live here just let me go crazy.

I lost some fabric.

Not a big deal you say. To that I say, flog yourself!

You see, I was determined to make THIS JUMPER on Friday, and I finally got some material to finish up the lining and pockets, and came home to try to sew it. However, I couldn’t find my fabric.

This particular fabric

And yes it happens to be the same fabric as seen in the photo, just blue. And it would have TOTALLY been the same color, because the yellow was just too cute for words. However, I couldn’t find yellow in the fabric stores that I visited, so I settled. Yes ladies and gents, just like that, I settled. >SIGH<

Anyway, not finding this fabric for an entire work day – yep, eight whole hours – made me feel like this:

Take note. My hair is a mottled mess because I removed the headband I had on, because when I get frustrated my head starts to itch. Seriously. And I wanted to cry, and my head was itching, and I SWEAR the fabric was playing hide and seek with me. The cellist looked in amazement as I tore the dining room which he had so carefully cleaned the night before to shreds. I didn’t care, I was on a mission.

And I found it.

And I didn’t even use it.

Do NOT judge me!

Instead, I used some fabric that I had left over and ended up sewing this:

To which the ladybug stated that she did NOT want to wear it to “Hallelujah.” Remind me to put her on the porch in the morning.

Here are a couple more views before I fixed everything:

The side pockets and waistband. I’m still not as fantastic as Lier at picking out fabrics yet, but this could grow on me. I also totally messed up the buttonholes, so I jimmied some way for it to stay on the ladybug while we took pictures. I think that she hated that even more.

Here it is after I fixed the button problem and put a hem in. The hem is still not as straight as I would like (and please don’t think that I am trying to talk down about myself – I’m just noticing things as I post – because honestly, I feel that I’m getting the hang of this sewing thing!) so I know to work on that with the next one that I make. The waistband is also not as wide as I would have liked it to be.

Will she be wearing this? Yes she will. Maybe even to a weeknight service of Hallelujah.

~Make It A Fantastic Day!

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