The Birth Story of The Ladybug….In Honor Of Her Second Birthday

Wednesday morning at about seven o’clock, I got up from my sleeping position and settled on my knees. Mr. Nicholes woke up and asked if I was okay. I told him that I was having a contraction and that it was probably another one of the ladybugs magic tricks. After the contraction was over, I tried to lie back down, but I couldn’t get comfortable and then about fifteen minutes later I had another one. Amazingly, these felt different then the contractions that I had been having for the past couple of weeks, and I was getting excited, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up again, and then be disappointed and sent home.

The Cellist has a “strict” wake-up time (per him) of seven in the morning, so I went to wake him up and get him ready for school that day. As he was getting ready, another contraction hit, and I went into the bedroom to tell Mr. Nicholes that maybe we should start timing these and see where they take us. At that point in time they were coming every ten minutes. We sat down in our bedroom and said that we weren’t going to email or call anyone this time just in case we would have egg on our face again! 

Anyhow, Mr. Nicholes came back home from dropping the Cellist off at school and came back at about 8:15. At this point they were solidly coming every ten minutes and holding for about thirty seconds. Not only that, but they were hurting way more than the ones that I had been having. Whaddaya know, the midwife was right. You COULD have Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks on end and nothing would come of them. We sat down for a while and watched cartoons (I told y’all I wasn’t going in to have egg on my face again) and then we took a shower so that I could be all fresh and clean going into labor (hopefully.)

After getting dressed, we did the unimaginable. We walked some more so that I could open up and also see if I was truly in labor. I know, I know, I “knew” that I was, but I just didn’t want to be sent home again. Can you see the pattern? So we walked around my neighborhood and every time a contraction would hit, I would walk through it so that I would know that it was a “real” one. We stopped like 15 times on our walk. As we were walking, we called the midwife on duty and let her know what was going on. She asked how far apart the contractions were and Mr. Nicholes told her that they were coming in at 8 minutes apart now. She asked if I felt okay, if I had lost my mucous plug or if my water had broken. I told her Yes, No and No…and then I asked….”Can I stop and get something to eat?” She told us that I had to keep it light. So we stopped at one of our neighborhood restaurants and got breakfast. I had an egg white vegetarian omelet and went to work. It was GOOD too! The waitress kept commenting on the fact that she couldn’t believe that I was eating while I was in labor, and I told her that I was fine, and continued eating.

We finished at about 11:30 and proceeded to walk home, but of course not before some random man stopped me to tell me that I was having triplets.  I told him that if I did happen to push more than one child out of my body that day, I would hunt him down and hurt him. He laughed. I didn’t. As we were walking I continued having contractions and we both came to the realization that being upright and moving is more productive than sitting down and eating.

We walked back home and called my dad to let him know that we were on the way to the hospital. He asked if this was the real thing, and I calmly replied that I hoped so. He then said it didn’t matter cuz he had lost the pool at work anyway! Dads.

We got the hospital sometime around noon. We entered through emergency and of course we had to come behind a line of people who had ailments worse than mine and the patient coordinator kept yelling “OB -triage” to get someone to come and get me. The guy took his sweet time, and THEN had the nerve to S-L-O-W-L-Y ask me all of the questions that he had to. I’m glad that I wasn’t in active labor otherwise I woulda clocked him. We got up to L&D and got checked out by a midwife who was also pregnant (in her last month) and she gave us the news that we were 5 cm dilated! I could have wept for joy. Mr.Nicholes and I got really quiet and then we burst out laughing from the nervous energy that we had been holding in. We were FINALLY going to have our little girl.

We were transferred to the room that I would deliver in and hooked up to the monitors. I whipped out my birthing plan and gave it my nurse who read it and immediately came back in to say how much she loved it. I guess that I kind of forgot that I put my own humor in there. My midwives came in and asked me how I was feeling, and at that point it was smooth sailing. The contractions were coming every two to four minutes and they were strong enough where I had to shut up through them. The nurse monitored me for an hour to make sure that the ladybug was doing well heartbeatwise and then she released Mr.Nicholes and I to walk around the maternity ward so that I could dilate more. Uh, why did I ask to do that? We started walking and then BAM! I was hit with my first mind numbing, eye-crossing contraction and grabbed on to the labor bars along the hallway and leaned into the wall. I then asked Mr. Nicholes to literally use his fists to massage my lower back, the harder the contraction peaked the harder I leaned into his fists. That helped SO MUCH!

After about thirty minutes we went back into my room and I found to my glee that they had given me a labor ball! To those of you who have yet to go through labor, I would suggest these wholeheartedly, they make you feel weightless during the contraction and you can roll into it, or lean into it, or whatever you can finagle during the contraction, but it takes a LOT of the pressure off.

At some point, my mother called and asked how I was doing. I talked to her for all of three minutes before another hit, and I went silent. To which she asked – are you having one now?!
Me: Mmmmhmmm
Her: Okay, lets think of cool things now. Think of the cellist ice skating. Think of snow-capped mountains. Think of an Ice Cold Pepsi. Think of snow falling in the wintertime.
Me: Mmmmhmmm
Contraction ends. I love my mother to death. She may get on my nerves, but her antics during labor really kept my head off of the intensity of the pain at hand.

Now, I am transitioning and the pains are coming every one to two minutes and they are lasting for about 90 seconds a piece. I ask to be checked. Mr.Nicholes calls for the midwife. They come and check me and let me know that I am only 7 cm dilated. I want to cry. At this point I think that Damisha had text messaged me to see how I was doing and I believe that my response was that I hated everyone, contractions are the devil and that I wanted to quit. She sent back that I didn’t hate anyone, and that the ladybug was on her way!

At this point, I gave up and told Mr. Nicholes that despite my heroic attempts, I wanted an epidural. He said he wasn’t going to call for me, that I had to do it myself. I told him that I couldn’t do it, and that I NEEDED him to let the midwife know to call an anesthesiologist to tell them that I needed an epidural. He said no again, and put the call button in front of me. Basically he said, that he couldn’t be the one to do it, because after this was all said and done, he knew that I would be disappointed if I didn’t go naturally as planned. :whatever: So I did it, I pressed the button and told the midwife to call for an epi. She came in, and tried to talk me out of it, (this is where my story and Mr.Nicholes story differ). I think that she kept talking me down saying that the ladybug was going to be here in no time…and that if I kept laboring, I would go ahead and have my little girl with me. I didn’t care. The nurse came back and let us know that the much needed drug lord was performing another epi on a laboring mom, and then had been called down into the O.R. and I had to wait. God’s sense of humor in work definitely. So my midwife suggested that I get into the bathtub and labor a little while there. I did, and only lasted about ten or fifteen minutes before I had to get out. The hot water took some of the edge off, but not enough. I got back out, and got back into the bed where they gave me two different medications to take the edge off of the contractions. I can only explain them this way. They contractions still hurt, but I was drugged up just enough to not care. I still whimpered, and had to breathe through them, but it didn’t matter. You know what I mean.

Anyhow, after about thirty minutes of my drug induced laboring, I felt the urge to push something fierce. I had Mr.Nicholes call the midwife, they came in and told me that they had to break my water. I heard one say that I was still at seven or so, but with the contractions, I went between 8 and 9 and then…the magic words came. Mom, you’re at ten, you can push whenever you want! To people who have never been in labor, those words are the most magnificent words that you will ever hear during labor – aside from you’re 10cm preceding it.

I pushed for about ten minutes and then heard the cry of our beautiful ladybug. They put her on my tummy and then had Mr.Nicholes cut the umbilical cord. It was again one of the most magnificent experiences of my life. You think that you might “lose” the feeling with each child that you have, but I didn’t, and haven’t. It’s still as amazing as it was the first time around.

Now for what you all really want. Pictures of the ladybug:


And she has now grown into an inquisitive, stubborn, full of life, laughter and LOTS of jokes two year old little girl. I can’t imagine life without her, and I would hate to see how much laughing I wouldn’t be doing without her in my life.

This photo was taken by Kenny Nakai of Nakai Photography. Simply THE greatest photographer in Chicago. Check him out: and tell him The Nicholes sent you!

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  • Reply
    September 24, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    With every birth I have felt like I've just been part of a miracle! Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Reply
    Cosmopolitan Kids
    September 26, 2010 at 2:12 am

    Hi Bug…

    Who said something?

  • Reply
    Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres
    September 26, 2010 at 3:20 am

    What a great birth story! I particularly like how you almost clocked old boy when he came to get you out of triage!

    And what a cutie patootie you have! Lady Bug and Link are about 3 months apart!

  • Reply
    N. Nicholes
    September 27, 2010 at 3:19 am

    @Laughwithusblog – both births that I have had so far have been pretty interesting. Now, I am looking forward to the birth of the twins in a couple of months. That should make for a VERY interesting blog post in the near future!

    @Cosmopolitan Kids – She licked a cheeseburger bun especially for you!

    @Blupoetres – I mean, really?! Who asks a clearly LABORING mom a whole bunch of questions and wants to go home without a bruised face?! LOL!

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