Thanksgiving Thursdays

I know that I am ALL types of wrong for just implementing this whenever. Sue me. However, I am really thankful.

I am thankful this week for my aunt. See, she’s the reason that I started sewing the aprons in the first place. She’s as up front as I am, and the only thing that she asked for this Christmas was an apron, since, in her words, “you’re quite the susie homemaker anyway.”

She also told me to stop wearing my Joe Boxer pants in my apron photos, so you all have her to thank for that. And I’ll just let you know that she’s going to say “You’re Welcome” with all the gusto of a toddler trying to hurry up and make you stop talking to them because you’re interfering with their viewing of Elmo.

She’s definitely the ladybug’s aunt.

I love my aunt Sheila-face. Even if she does love the ladybug more than she loves me. O_o

~ Make It A Fantastic Day!

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