Sibling Rivalry…no love….no rivalry

So, the ladybug and the cellist are eight years, 3 months and 19 days apart. And there are days when you just KNOW it. Like yesterday. After the cellist finished his cello lesson, and we did all of our shopping at the farmers market, we stopped for a special fatty treat from McDonald’s. We try not to go to often because one – I’m a stay at home mom and funneling cash into restaurants just isn’t smart for OUR family (note – I say OUR so folks don’t go jumping the gun about me giving an opinion) and two because let’s face it…you really don’t know the nutritional value of the things that you are getting. I try to stay around ten dollars when it’s the three of us eating – since Papa Nicholes works every Saturday, that’s usually pretty easy. LOL!

Anyhow, the ladybug got a chicken mcnugget happy meal, and the cellist and I got mcdoubles (double cheeseburgers *rolls eyes*) fries and a drink. Well, I didn’t finish my cheeseburger and when I got home I was so pooped that I *tried* to fall asleep to no avail. As I am lying down on the couch, the ladybug and the cellist come into the television room and sit around me (along with my mother.) Well, the ladybug found the cheeseburger and immediately unwrapped it. She started to pick over it and was about to put it back in the wrapper when the cellist said that he wanted it. Instead of her handing it over, she looked at him, looked at the cheeseburger looked BACK at him and while staring at him proceeded to lick the top of the cheeseburger bun and then hand it over – without changing her facial expression at all.

If she were not my child, I would consider this mildly funny. Well, I do consider it funny NOW, but not when it happened. I ended up condemning her to her toddler bed to “think” about the value of sharing (can you tell I was grasping at straws here?!) while trying to get the cellist to stop laughing like a maniac because HE thought it was hilarious.

All in all, we had a normal Saturday around these parts. Well, normal for us anyway.

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