Report Card Pickup

Ahhh the memories. Anyone else get the jitters when it came time to have your parents pick up report cards?
Well, it doesn’t end when you are a parent either. Well, at least not for me. All the time around report card pick up I am anxious to see how the Cellist performs. Why? Well, why not. I mean, he IS a direct reflection of Papa Nicholes and myself.

This quarter I was not disappointed (and honestly, I haven’t been disappointed since he started school.) All A’s and one B is what met us today during parent/teacher conferences. We still have to work on some personal characteristics that he is having trouble with, but other than that, the teachers are pretty happy with him as a student. He is testing well (for what that is worth in our school system here in America) and he is solidly performing in class. We even found out that he was made table captain for the subjects of Mathematics and Reading.

So, will I toot my own horn a bit today? You know it! I strongly believe that grades that children get are a directly influenced by their home lives and by parents who CONSISTENTLY become involved in the school. I realize that we are “Waiting for Superman” but why not become super heroes ourselves? Learn the names of the teachers that your child has to interact with. Make sure that you have numbers and email addresses to be able to use when something concerns you. Make sure that the principal knows you in a way that they don’t roll their eyes when they have to meet with you. BE PROACTIVE! Don’t wait until report card pick up to really know what type of student your child is.

Overall, I know that the Cellist is a great student – I mean, we’re pretty hard in that we don’t allow C’s in our household. Yeah, yeah, I’m THAT parent. I feel that if you are not understanding something, then between the teacher and the parents – there is a break in communication. The only way that we can accept a C is if we have exhausted all areas of teaching and the Cellist has given blood, sweat and tears to a subject. Yes. That’s how we do it in the Nicholes household. We’re rough, but still loving. Is he required to write dissertations during summer vacation? No, but he is required to read during it. Do we make him carry backpacks around everywhere that we go? No, but we do require that he be open to learning everywhere that we go – even if it’s just the grocery store. Good opportunities to teach your young ones are all around, you just have to make sure that you grab them up.

Now, as far as report cards go, the Cellist gets a gold star – and maybe Mama Nicholes will even suffer through a movie with him this Friday – with her snoogle.

~Make it a good day!


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    November 3, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    We have moved quite a bit in the past few years and my son has used it as an advantage to screw around. I have a class clown on my hands.
    Congrats to the Cellist. Good for him on an amazing report card.

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    Cosmopolitan Kids Media
    November 4, 2010 at 1:03 am

    Please preach! We already knew the Cellist was a medium nerd so I am not shocked. When I hear news like this I know it is because parents are doing to right thing!

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    N. Nicholes
    November 4, 2010 at 3:03 am

    @Asha – Thanks for the congrats! I so totally know what it is like to have a "class" notable. The Cellist MUST talk to everyone. We're working on it – but he gets it from his mama. *rolls eyes* And for the record, it's made me a FABULOUS person in my adult years! LOL!

    @CK – Yes he is a medium nerd, just waiting to grow into his full blown nerdom. It's hard raising a well rounded young man these days without people feeling like he is too "something" Ya know?

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