Pondering Potty Training

Okay, I didn’t want to admit this, but I am a novice to potty training. Honestly. I didn’t train the cellist, my mom and husband did. I lived happily not having to worry about rushing a toddler to the toilet or remembering if they even WENT to the toilet in the first place. There was an ignorance is bliss thing going on with me during that time. No accidentally wetting mommy’s pant leg, or having to get up and change sheets in the middle of the night for me with the cellist. Dad took care of it ALL. Oh, and Mor-Mor.

Fast forward eight years and we have Papa Nicholes,Mama Nicholes and a VILLAGE trying to potty train the Ladybug. For the most part, she’ll stay dry ALL day, and then right before bed we have an accident. I think that it is to honestly show us that she is still in charge of her body while Mr. Gullible I mean, Papa Nicholes thinks that she just hasn’t gotten the hang of going to the potty. *insert side eye here* The Ladybug is entirely too in control of her body. She reminds me of a female version of Stewie from Family Guy – well without the underlying conflict of homosexuality and the desire to kill me ( I think.) So far, we’ve gone every day for the last five days with staying dry until at LEAST 10 o’clock in the evening – and then somewhere a bell chimes and she lets loose the floodgates of her loins. Did I mention that she also stays dry the entire night she sleeps? Yeah, she’s in complete control of her body. We’re just here to do her will.

So, my question to all of your professionals is:

How did you manage?
Am I more frustrated because I’m pregnant?
Is she boycotting because I’m pregnant?
What’s some good advice that I can follow?

Please, please help us out here! I can not fathom having THREE little ones in dipes!


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    Hayden M. Greene
    November 30, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    And when you find out, let me/us know. We're on the brink of that as well!

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    Aisha G
    December 3, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    What he said… really. I'm scared of this impending process!

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    N. Nicholes
    December 4, 2010 at 3:31 am

    So far, we've just had to buckle down and just remember to ask her every thirty minutes after any drinking of liquids. We've also gone with not giving her anything to drink after 8 pm since her bedtime is around nine. So far the longest time that we've gone with no accidents is five straight days. And she is sleeping through the night with no wetting of the bed.

    We're still trying to perfect it though, and I know that will just come with age and forming of good habits.

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