One More For the Road

Today is obviously turning into a bloggy day. This is happening because of two things. They happen to be the nameless bodies that are having a frat party in utero.

I swear, that I am not able to remember even the simplest tasks anymore. I can’t remember to make the Cellist his lunch, I can’t remember that my house is NOT supposed to be silent when the Ladybug is up, and I can’t remember to eat.

I’m running out of fuel and that frustrates me in so many ways. If you knew me personally, you would know that I am used to being busy. And I mean it. For a full year and a half after the Ladybug was born, I ran parent meetings at the Cellists school while wearing her on my back. I like to think that I am hardcore, but I do have my stopping points. Sometimes I realize it’s my stopping point long after I have passed it.

I’m trying to be better about writing lists, or doing things while I am out of the house in the vicinity of places that I need to go, but I have absolutely no gumption to do so these days. It makes me feel – dare I say – lazy.

Anyone else out there go through this with a pregnancy? Let me know that I am not alone! Please and thank you.

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    September 23, 2010 at 1:46 am

    As hard as it may be for me to believe: you are HUMAN. You are also doing twice as much work with one body…all at the same time.

    Give yourself a much needed BREAK.

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