Necessity Is Most Certainly

The Mother of Invention. And while I don’t have enough time for inventing, or even re-inventing anything, I have been using the small amounts of time that I have to sew some necessities for the twizzlers. Yes my dears, I have been on a cloth diaper sewing frenzy. At first it started out from just needing some pocket diapers for convenience, and now it’s turned into me toying around with opening an Etsy shop to sell to other mamas like me. Here are a couple of pictures of my work, and to prove that I have indeed gotten better with each dipe, I will even post the first ugly one that I did. Of course, I didn’t leave a seam allowance, and I had the stitching way too tight, but such is life. I think that I did a heck of a good job given that I don’t know how to sew. Yes ladies and gents, I have not used a sewing machine to do any type of work in the past. Hilariousness.

Here we go….

I used a pattern from Rita’s Rump – it was free and it was the clearest pictorial that I could find via my other cloth diaper sewing buddy in Virginia. She sewed a stash for her new son last year, and kept telling me how easy it was. I didn’t believe her. I should be flogged.

My first diaper. Stitching is ALL types of wrong, but it works, so…meh.

 First cloth diaper opened up. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Second dipe, no topstitching. Getting better

By this point, the one on the left was my favorite.

Then this one took the place of the one above.

My model.

Froggy outer/minky inner

Diaper with matching soaker

 So, if you are wondering if you can do this, I’m here to tell you that you can! Take it from someone who honestly knew absolutely NOTHING about a sewing machine (it’s Mr. Nicholes’) and just decided to you tube and google until she found something that she could follow. If you do decide to make some up, let me know!!! I’m all about cute diapers.

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  • Reply
    Aisha G
    February 24, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Good job and good luck WHEN you open your store.

  • Reply
    N. Nicholes
    February 27, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    I keep having to realize that you bully people into making great decisions…..hence this blog. Love you!

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