My Parents Are Trying to Destroy Me

Well, not really.

However, my green eyed monster tends to rear its ugly head sometimes when I see my children spending time with them. And yes I’m sorta  kidding. Honestly, I love seeing my parents spend time with the Cellist (no longer Mighty Mouse as he told me that 5th graders are not referred to as cartoon characters, just last night, and the Ladybug. My mother has an affinity for clothing her grandchildren, and it is not uncommon for me to drop them off to spend time with her, and they come back to me with a bag or two of new clothes, just because. Hey, I’m not complaining.

I have noticed that the dynamics of grandparents with their grandchildren are TOTALLY opposite of parents with their children. I am guessing that the pressure of raising and upstanding child is taken away and that this time around they just get to ENJOY the children. No worries about if you’re feeding them too much, or if they are up to par at school. Not dreading parent/teacher conferences or having to schedule a bevy of after school activities for four. I’m not saying that they still don’t secretly worry about the grades and accomplishments of their grandchildren, it’s just not prominent. They get to show up and BE the grandparents. The best thing since sliced bread. The comforters.

I love seeing my parents laugh with my children. I also secretly hate love when they let them stay up past their bedtime just to see how silly the Ladybug will get and to talk a little bit more with the Cellist.

It’s becoming all too common where you are seeing grandparents have to become parents a second time around because their children may be in dire straits and need them as primary caregivers while they attend school or work one or more jobs. I’m just thankful that my parents and my in laws for that matter – can enjoy their grandchildren as their grandchildren. And that they spoil them rotten.

However, ma, can you maybe take the toy cell phone you bought for the Ladybug back? I’m just saying.

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