Mother’s Day & All It Entails

Hey there! Guess what this month brings? Mother’s Day. With my status as a mom, and of course a daughter, and niece and friend, and aunt, I’m right smack dab in the middle of what Mother’s Day means and brings to so many people.

For some, it’s just a glorified day of floral arrangements and massive dinners. For others, it’s another painful time with the realization that their dreams have not yet come to fruition. And yet still with others, it’s a reminder that their moms are no longer with them on earth.

I’m attached to someone in each of those categories. I even have a – I wish my sister was still here and had children so I could at least say a Happy Mother’s Day to her moment every now and again. I know, I’m weird, but I definitely embrace it.

Here’s the thing though, wherever you are in your journey to motherhood, from motherhood, or IN motherhood – embrace it. Because when you get to where you want to be, you’ll often times reflect back on the times when you were struggling to find clarity, or sleep, or sleep, or sleep, or sleep, or a laugh to hold on to when all you wanted to do was cry out of desperation.

This month (all month) I’m going to do an homage to Mother’s – in every right. Adopted, “play” mother’s, godmothers, grandmothers, aunts who have become moms, and the list goes on. We’ll also have a couple of guest bloggers in the mix. Some experiencing motherhood for the first time – as in they are still pregnant, to some veterans, to some grandmothers and aunts. They will all have something value to impart into your minds and hearts.

We’ll also have a Mother’s Day craft for you to have just in time for Mother’s Day as well.

This month, I want you to TRULY think about what it was that your mom left with you as a legacy. What characteristics did she help hone? What ones did you hate at first, but grew to love? What advice do you find yourself repeating that she rambled off to you time after time? No matter what your walk of life is, you should find time to stop and hug your mom – or call – and it doesn’t matter if you all are connected by blood or not. Mom’s aren’t just made through DNA. Remember that.

~ Make It A Fantastic Day!

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