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Okay, so I think that I’m obsessed. I’m literally going to have to go on a strike about all things interior decorating for the house until I can get my wits about me. I get all twitterpated when I see fantastic photos of things that could actually fit into the style of my house AND are totally doable on the average mans budget.

There’s something about shopping for this kind of decor site that just makes my heart swoon. It’s almost like a pinterest forum full of house decoration ideas ONLY. And you know how addictive it can get!

Sitting here pouring over the rooms and the colors, and the materials used makes me want to get started TODAY on making our Houseful look a little bit more trendy, yet comfortable. I would love nothing more than to don a pink tool-belt and get to work! Don’t tell my husband, but I really do love painting. There’s something therapeutic about it, and some of the colors that pop off of this site make me giddy! I’m wondering if it’s time for a color change in our living room.

There are so many ideas, and the truth of the matter is that I’m going to have to build up an actual room feel based on what type of furniture I want to put in there, not necessarily a color.

When did being an adult have to be comprised of SO many decisions? If the cellist knew that these were the types of choices that he would have to endure when he grew up, I’m sure he’d try to slow down the getting older.


So, tell me, what are your favorite decorating tips, and how did you go about decorating your home?

~Make It A Fantastic Day!

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