It’s Like Beating a Limp Boob

People irritate me. People who think that doing things “naturally” equates to being a neanderthal disgust me even more. And folk who judge people based on the choices that they make from deciding to cloth diaper, breastfeed, babywear, live in the mountains, use natural laundry detergent, walk more instead of drive a car, etc…have REALLY been fraying on my nerves. I thought that all was okay in my neck of the woods after getting off my chest the run-in that I had with a customer at Target in THIS post, but alas, a “study,” located HERE stating that women who breastfeed are “less competent” than their bottle feeding counterparts.Let’s not  EVEN mention the statistics for women who are minorities and their penchant for breastfeeding. For as long as I have had an understanding of breasts, women have always been made to feel like they are something to be ashamed of. Now, while I’m no fan of walking around nude in public, I just don’t think that breastfeeding should be made to be such a HUGE issue in this day and age. Even the nicknames for breasts denotes that they are something worth being embarrassed about.
For instance: Alternative Names for Breasts makes a list of all of the nicknames that our wonderful mammary glands have garnered. Some are laughable and then others are downright demeaning. >sigh< 
*insert screwface here*
I am happy to say that I feel that the author of this particular article is posting in a somewhat baffled manner. I mean COME ON PEOPLE! They are JUST breasts! I can turn on the television at any point in time and see advertisements for prolonging a male erection, but the thought of me feeding my baby in what may be the most natural act is seen as sexual? And we are the most intelligent country on this earth, huh? The FLOTUS is getting flack about praising the fact that breast pumps can be written off on taxes – so that we as women can GO BACK TO WORK after having our children, but still continue to give them the food that is perfect for them. 
*please hold for an important message*
While I would love for every woman to nurse their babies, I completely understand that it is not their desire to do so. However, I would also appreciate that those very same mothers refrain from calling breastfeeding disgusting, or too sexual, well because it makes you look sort of dumb. The entire point of nursing is to give our babies a food that is formatted perfectly for them. Formula can’t and won’t ever be able to do that. Sure, it’s more convenient sometimes, and sure it keeps you from having to make sure that you’re not leaking during a presentation at work, but let’s face facts – you and I both chose to have children, and my way of feeding mine should be met with the same respect that you want from me. Case closed. If I’m not squirting you with breast milk from across the room, you (and by you, I mean all naysayers of nursing) should kindly find a ledge.
*important message over*
I don’t know how many times it must be stated that babies who are nursed for a significant amount of time are smarter, less likely to get sick, and don’t suffer from obesity as babies who are formula fed. Blah, blah, blah. But to say that women who choose to solely nurse their children are less competent than their bottle feeding counterparts is idiotic. I mean, do you think that all we sit around and do is just have a baby hanging off of our boob? See, I figure that’s an image more fitting for someone who doesn’t have to deal with occasional bouts with engorgement or a child who doesn’t latch correctly, or trying to figure out why a child who once loved nursing is boycotting. I figure that a woman who doesn’t have milk can have someone hanging off of her boob in a more “natural” way. 😐 Women are more than their breasts. I have never seen more hullabaloo over two pieces of flesh. I mean a man can have boobs and no one says a THING when he goes topless in the summer, but let someone see an inch of my breast while nursing my children and I get stares of contempt and judgement. It’s absolutely ridiculous.
What I found particularly heinous is that employers are STILL finding women who nurse to be less of a possible hire than someone who USES their breasts (i.e – the strapless bra – as deemed ‘sexual’ in this study) to get what they want. Talk about bass ackwards. 
So, weigh in…are we as a society too conservative when it comes to the nurturing of our children? Why, why not? When did it make a woman less competent to breastfeed? Do you think that SAHM’s (stay at home moms) are less intelligent than those mothers who work outside of the home? How do you view breastfeeding? 

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    March 23, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Well, seeing as how I've breastfed my baby since she was minutes old and still am currently breastfeeding her 8 months later, my opinion is more than obvious. I respect the fact that not everyone wants to breastfeed. However, a lot of the reasons why they don't, I don't have much respect for. I read a comment,from a bottle feeder, on a message board that stated that breastfeeding mothers are lazy and are taking the easy road out. THAT comment blew my mind. I think if the world got back to more natural practices, some of the sickness and other perversions we're seeing more of these days will start to diminish.

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    N. Nicholes
    March 23, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Well said! I am not one that goes and looks at a woman who is bottle feeding and looks at them in disgust. I can't. It's her choice. I don't know whats going on in her household that requires her to bottle feed. However, I want the same respect. If folk knew that sometimes nursing comes with a learning curve and how you really don't get to be your OWN for a bit of time – especially if baby is going through a clingy phase – they'd be less prone to call it laziness.

    The laughable nature of this study that the author wrote about is that we're less competent. I mean, COME ON!

    Folk really surprise me with the things that they choose to be offended about.

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    March 23, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    Number 5 will be breastfed until at LEAST a year, just as #1-4 were. This all goes back to the fact that we do indeed live in a bass ackwards society. I personally wish that I didn't know about the benefits of breastfeeding sometimes because then I could stop taking vitamins and spend the 2-3 hours per day I spend pumping doing-well hell, something more glamorous! I will say that nursing is a hella lot more convenient when I am at home,and I do truly enjoy the closeness that we share during nursing. And anyone who thinks that there is ANYTHING sexual about nursing has obviously never nursed…unless I am doing it all wrong and have done it wrong all these years. That type of thinking speaks more to the thinkers perversion than anything else. S/N my dear partner had to go and buy a can of enfamil (didn't see the milk in deep freezer, screaming baby…) and that mess is EXPENSIVE AS ALL GET OUT!! Who in hello heaven can AFFORD formula?!?!

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    If Breastfeeding Isn't Your Cup of Tea, Don't Drink. | Houseful Of Nicholes
    June 9, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    […] While I know that everyone should have a right to their opinion, when will we as a society realize that nursing a baby…ANYWHERE…is not vile, sexual, or nasty? When will it be normal to see a mom nursing her child and just think, “Man, I’ve got to pick up the dry cleaning today,” instead of, “OMG! Breasts! Baby attached! My world is crumbling.” I’m so sick of this y’all and it’s been a full three years since the first time that I spoke of it on my blog.  […]

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