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I Am Beautiful Day


So, today, I was going through my blog roll – since my son decided that on a vacation in the Big Easy he wanted to STAY IN! And in going through all of the blogs that I visit, one struck a truly raw chord for me.

I Am Beautiful Day

 I went to a predominantly Caucasian grade school – and by predominantly, I’m saying that for the majority of the years of being in grammar school, I was the only black female in my class. How about them apples? Just like the author of this blog, I was teased incessantly and my attackers took it a bit further by calling me a pink a$$ baboon, or by taping various pictures of primate families on my desktop for me to discover each morning. Overall, just like her my sarcasm was honed into something quite dangerous and for a while, I didn’t trust anyone saying that I was beautiful. For some reason, it took me transferring churches when I was 13 and catching the eye of my now husband to soften my hard shell from grammar school. I wish that more of our young ladies took their beauty for what it is. ESPECIALLY since we see so many celebrities trying to get the full lips, backsides, busts and warmer skin complexion that we were born with. Now don’t get me wrong, EVERY person that God makes is beautiful – it’s just up to us to accept that He knows what He was doing when he created us.

Make it a great day!

ETA: Since the writing of this post almost four years ago (I can’t believe it either) several of my former grade school classmates have found me and apologized for the behavior shown towards me during this time. It would be easy to hold a grudge and believe me, with one or two of them, I’m still a bit prickly, but those who have apologized, I appreciate it. They’ve even gone on into this world to do great things, and make sure that no one else has to go through what I did! Never think that your words don’t matter because they indeed do. 

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*Kitty Farts*

Thursday 7th of October 2010

One thing that I think is interesting about our two situations is the race of our bullies. You said you got teased by white students, I went to a predominately black school so most of my teasing came from my fellow black students. I'm not sure what the significance of that is, but I just think it's interesting...for lack of a better word.

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