Holy Belly Batman!

So, maybe it’s my POV – but I didn’t think that I was all that large in the belly area to be pregnant with twins. I found out differently. I got a side profile view of my belly and I’m literally speechless. Speechless at the fact that the human body can S-T-R-E-T-C-H that much. I feel as if I have wandered into the prop section of a sci-fi flick and they have outfitted me with a pregnancy belly. It’s amazing and almost cartoonish at once. I really want to take some measuring tape and measure the circumference of the belly, but I think that the moment that I do, I might lose my good naturedness about the growing belly and then just sit down with a blank look on my face. LOL!

I’m going to attempt to take some pictures tonight to go with this blog post and then do some product reviews on the potty training items we used with the ladybug. I’m fighting the urge to NOT blog by blogging when everyone in the house is asleep. I think that my body shuts down in the morning once the contractions stop from the previous evening and I lose all gusto that I had just a short while ago.

Which segues into the fact that I am still experience prodromal labor. I just stated on my Facebook fan page – which by the way can be found here that I really wonder who had to go through the longest prodromal labor ever. Overall, it’s a situation in pregnancy that can be very discouraging if you don’t know what in the world your body is doing. And let me tell you, if I had to go through this with my first or second pregnancy I might have cried nightly. I have linked up with someones blog having specifically to do with educating women on the subject of prodromal labor, and I have to tell you that it is a Godsend. I feel a little bit better about dealing with this for the next couple of days if that is the case – even though today makes the 11th straight day of starting contractions between 4 and 7 pm. The first couple of days, I was extremely excited, and now I’m just a little bit lax about the whole thing. Does that make sense? I guess when labor starts, I’ll be so laid back that I might scare myself. Or one can hope. 🙂

So, that’s basically what’s going on with Mama Nicholes. Exciting, no? 🙂

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