Her Dress Was Pink

21 years ago a young man, boy even, met the woman of his dreams.  He didn’t know how much she’d change his life at that time, but he knew his life would be incomplete without her.  He was infatuated with her from the first moment he saw her.  He’d watch her from time to time fascinated by her beauty and intimidated by her mind.  He would try to cut a sly smile from a distance hoping she’d glance at him and smile back; or maybe secretly smile to herself.  He’d try to make her laugh whenever an opportunity presented itself.  He tried his best for her to notice him, and she was so buttoned up and collected that he knew that he’d have to be more forward in order to get her attention.  So, on a warm Sunday morning some time close to 11 am, he saw a window.  He knew he’d have to time it just right.  One misstep could cost him.  He gathered all of his courage.  He stood up straight.  He cranked the dial of his smile meter to “charming”.  And as she walked past in a hot pink dress and the sexiest bowed legs he’d ever seen, he said, simply, “Can’t Speak?”

Yadda Yadda Yadda

4 babies later and we’re still together.

Happy Birthday to the sexiest woman that I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

It’s your day, have a complete ball!!!

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