Hair Stories Continued

The truth is, I love this kid. She teaches me something new about myself each and every day. Especially when we have to buckle down and do her hair.

For those of you who may not have had the pleasure of the ceremony that is creating a hair style for a young girl, it usually goes like this (in my house anyway:)

Me: Ladybug, it’s time for you to get your hair done.

Ladybug: No, I’m so sorry mommy, I don’t want to get my hair done.

Me: But Ladybug, don’t you want cute hair?

Ladybug: I’m already cute! (or some other equally sarcastic, but genuinely said comment you can think of)

Me: >sigh< Let’s wash it.

Ladybug: Lots of tears, screaming – IT’S IN MY EYES! HELP ME! IT HURTS! etc…etc…

Me: >sigh<

Ladybug: Mommy are you finished yet?

Me: >sigh<

These same types of questions continue through deep conditioning, rinse out, and styling. The styling usually takes quite a bit of time as I always have to remind her that I am indeed NOT pulling her hair out of her head, and that I am indeed ALMOST done.

So, this is how she looked for church yesterday morning:

Not bad, but her hair was dry, and this was the second week of a twistout that she wore for Easter (no, I don’t have pictures of that particular hairstyle as it was destroyed by the time I thought of it.)

This is what we started with when styling her hair last night. This – was madness.

We ended up with the hairstyle she has in the first picture, but here is a shot from the top:

These are comb coils, and I’m not sure which ones she enjoys more. Two strand twists, or these. So far there has been LOTS of stopping in front of the mirror to primp and pose, and LOTS of cheesing in general. But who am I kidding, this kid is ALWAYS smiling.

One day, she might not be as quick to randomly hug me and say, “I LOVE you mommy!” So I’ll take all that she gives and even the trials and tribulations that come with doing her hair.

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    Tamara Floyd
    December 31, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Good job mommy! It looks great!

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