Growing Pains

I miss this kid. This kid is who the cellist was in first grade. Someone who was ALWAYS happy to see me at his school, and always happy to oblige me with a hug when I asked for one, and EVEN when I didn’t. Now the kid above has turned into:

A picture taking hater. He’s also started with the pre-teen vibes. It’s getting hard for me because I remember how frustrating it was to be this age, but now I’m on the other end of the spectrum. As a mother, and role model, I am striving to raise a well rounded young man that will make a positive impact on society. I mean, our young black men already have so much fighting against them, we don’t need anything else. So daily I try to instill the right habits, and guidelines, hoping and praying that he catches hold and grows with them. I also hope that if he chooses to marry and have children, that he feels that the foundation that he received from me and the Mr., will be sufficient enough to pass on to HIS offspring.

Any other parents out there hitting a roadblock of sorts with their children?

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